7. What are the steps we take to protect your data?
At OTE and COSMOTE we provide the appropriate technical and organizational measures in our business processes and apply them to the IT systems and platforms used to collect, process or use data.

These are, indicatively:
  • measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing data processing systems (access control).

  • measures to ensure that data processing systems cannot be used by unauthorized persons (denial of access control).

  • measures to ensure that persons authorized to use data processing systems have access only to the data for which they are authorized, and that personal data may not be accessed , during processing, or use, or after their recording, transmission, copying, modification or deletion by unauthorized persons (data access control).

  • measures to ensure that personal data cannot be transferred, copied, altered or removed by unauthorized persons during electronic transmission, or during transfer, or recording, and that it can be controlled and controlled by verification of the process performers to whom personal data has been transferred through data transmission equipment (data transmission control).

  • measures to ensure that it is possible to retrospectively examine and verify whether and by whom personal data were entered, modified or deleted in data processing systems (data entry control).

  • measures to ensure that personal data processed by third parties / contractors are processed only in accordance with our instructions (contractor control).

  • measures to ensure that data collected for different purposes can be processed separately (separation rule).
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