COSMOTE my view

COSMOTE my view

Browsing on the internet through the mobile becomes even more exciting than ever before with the COSMOTE my view! 

Now, Internet browsing over your mobile phone, begins with the renewed service of COSMOTE my view! Shape your Home Page according to your needs; check whether you have new e-mails or notifications on Facebook, while you can also download unique games & songs.

Activate COSMOTE my view

If you already have one of the new COSMOTE mobile phones, you can find a link to COSMOTE my view in the main menu of your handset. Such settings are pre-installed in those handsets. Check to find out if this option is available in your mobile phone. If not, take the following simple steps to access COSMOTE my view if a few seconds:

Step 1
 Send an SMS message to 1333 with the word Internet

Step 2
You will receive 3 different SMS messages on your mobile phone. Follow the instructions carefully to store the settings and activate the Internet on your mobile phone. Some of the messages might ask you to verify a password included in an SMS message you will receive.

Step 3
In the 3rd SMS message you will receive you will find the link to COSMOTE my view. Or you can enter directly on your mobile phone browser.

Click!! You have just started browsing the “my view” world!

Prices include 24% VAT & an additional mobile telephony fee applies depending on monthly bill (before VAT)
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