Business Double Play

COSMOTE Business Double Play Plans
Unlimited Communication in your business with faster internet and real speed assurance from the largest fiber optic network in Greece. Νow with 100% fiber optic at your business so that you enjoy 100% guaranteed speed!
COSMOTE Business Double Play is the most effective communication solution for your business. It offers unlimited intra-company communication that allows you to talk with your associates without thinking about costs as well as Internet access with unimaginable speeds. Now that the fiber optic comes to your business you can be always online.
The COSMOTE Business Double Play plans are offered by ΟΤΕ S.A.
Internet from the largest fiber optic network, in Greece
Now with the largest fiber optic network in Greece, COSMOTE Fiber, you can enjoy fast internet at very high speeds in your business. COSMOTE, utilizing the new technologies, brings fiber optics to your business (Fiber To The Home infrastructure) but also VDSL that you already know.

With the COSMOTE Fiber network you have the following options:
  • To have access to fiber optic network that reaches the Central Office (local exchange), so as to enjoy up to 50Mbps speeds with VDSL technology.
  • Fiber optics* comes to your business allowing you to enjoy 100% guaranteed speed. Check here if FTTH infrastructure is available for your business.
The fiber optic network is the latest technology to access the Internet. It allows you to transfer data at the speed of light, through cables with very fine glass filaments, called optical fibers. This results in new amazing speeds, that in the future will reach up to 1Gbps.

*The infrastructure is currently available at certain locations in the Municipalities of Palaio Faliro, Vyronas, Kaisariani and Kalamata but is constantly expanding.
Real Speed Assurance
For the first time, for 30 & 50Mbps speeds, you will be able to know the real speed of your connection before buying it . A specialized representative at our stores, at 13818 or at will inform you about the lowest and highest speed you will actually have in your business during the process of buying the program.

Ιf however, according to your router, your speed is not that of the Real Speed Assurance, then you can contact us at 13818. We will do our best to improve your speed. If you are not satisfied you will be able to switch to the program of the lowest speed without any extra charge.
Ιt applies to new and existing customers with speeds up to 30 & 50Mbps plans, exclusively via the use of the appropriate COSMOTE equipment. The customer can pass to the plan available in the market with the next lower speed, without differentiating the characteristics provided for talk time in the original plan. There is no release fee for the original plan.
Unlimited Intra-company mobiles
Unlimited calls from the fixed phone lines of your business to the intra-company mobiles COSMOTE Business, between mobiles, from intra-company mobiles to fixed telephones of your business so as to cover all your communication needs of your associates and your business.
Dynamic Presence on the Internet
We give you the chance to have a static IP, Domain Name, site builder and hosting of your site in order to create an effective presence on the Internet so as to always be on line.
Manage your business emails
wherever you are!
40GB storage is provided for the emails of your company. You can create up to 50 email users with centralized management of the entire storage space via a portal quickly and easily.
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You are enjoying call center services
with the most economical way
With COSMOTE Smart Office you can enjoy call center services in your business without any extra equipment in order to route incoming calls when necessary so as to not miss a call in your business, create messages for your customers when they call you or while they are on hold, receive faxes to your email, etc. All these at really special prices.
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COSMOTE Business One
Flexible plans for every Business. Give your business the chance to work "smart", more efficiently from everywhere and last but not least with the security you need. Combine COSMOTE Business Double Play with COSMOTE Business Mobile!
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