The first mobile telephony service you can get
and activate directly from your mobile phone!
In COSMOTE Neo, everything is done 100% online, in just a few
steps. All you need to subscribe is just a selfie, and the entire
identification procedure is done through the My COSMOTE App.
You can even use an electronic signature!
Pick the plan of your choice
With COSMOTE Neo, you can form the plan that best suit your needs. Every month, you can choose the data and the speech you need, while you have the ability to change your options easily and quickly with a few taps on your mobile phone. And if, by the end of the month you haven't used up your data, airtime minutes and SMS messages, the remainder is transferred to the next month.
24% VAT and 10% Mobile Subscriber Fee are included in the total final price. More infromation considering the mobile subscriber fee here
You can cut off the service at any time, without any commitment
With just one tap, you can cancel your plan for as long
as you like without any commitment, plus,
you can just as easily activate it again.
Find out what you need to do in order to activate COSMOTE via My COSMOTE App.
You can find out how here
New connection and portability
The new COSMOTE Neo connection is activated
quickly and easily:
  • Pick the plan of your choice
  • Enter your email address
  • Verify your ID quickly and easily from your mobile phone
  • As soon as you receive your new SIM card, activate it and... start communicating!
Switch your prepaid mobile phone to
Switching from a prepaid mobile phone is simpler than ever:
  • Pick the plan of your choice
  • Enter your email address
  • Register your billing information and...
    start communicating!
Νέα Σύνδεση COSMOTE Neo κρατώντας τον αριθμό σου
Νέα Σύνδεση COSMOTE Neo με νέο αριθμό
Μετάτρεψε το καρτοκινητό σου σε COSMOTE Neo, εύκολα και γρήγορα.
A leading network with amazing speeds
wherever you are!
With COSMOTE Neo and the largest mobile network in Greece,
you can enjoy incredible possibilities and an amazing
experience anywhere in Greece with the reliability of COSMOTE.
More information
Looking for more information? You can find all the answers here.
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How do I pay for COSMOTE Neo?
Just by tapping on your phone’s screen, of course! COSMOTE Neo is paid monthly by credit/debit card, which you will need to enter during activation. This is done only once, and then you will be automatically charged every month.
No bill is issued and every month you will receive proof of payment to the email address you have registered during activation.
You can change the card you registered or even cancel the plan through the My COSMOTE App.
How can I transfer my number from another provider to COSMOTE and activate COSMOTE Neo?
Easily, directly from your mobile phone! More precisely, from the “Manage Connections” section in the My COSMOTE App. You need to have your ID card (or any other identification document) handy, good lighting and an appetite for selfies! Enter the mobile number you want, pick the plan of your choice, and enter the shipping information for your new SIM card.
After you receive the SIM card, you can either choose to immediately activate it by scanning the barcode you will find in the envelope through the My COSMOTE App or wait up to 14 days to activate it. If you decide to wait for 14 days, you can cancel your order from the “Orders” section. Once the 14-day period has passed, you will need to go back to the My COSMOTE App, scan the barcode found in the envelope of the SIM card, and enter your debit card details.
How can I track my COSMOTE Neo order?
With just a few steps from the “Orders” section of the My COSMOTE App.
In addition, in case you have requested a new number or transferred your number from another provider to COSMOTE, you will receive an email with a code to track the courier company shipment of the SIM card.
Why do I have to enter my email while activating COSMOTE Neo from the My COSMOTE App?
We need your email to send you receipts for the monthly renewal of COSMOTE Neo, as well as for purchases of extra packages.
Will I be charged for the shipment of the COSMOTE Neo SIM card?
Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything. Shipping your SIM card is free of charge.
I cannot activate the COSMOTE Neo SIM card.
By following some simple steps in the My COSMOTE App home screen, you can scan the barcode found in the envelope of the SIM card and activate the card. The barcode you must scan starts with 89300…
Alternatively, you can enter the barcode and continue with the procedure. In case activation is not possible, you will see an explanatory message in the My COSMOTE App.
If you do not activate your SIM card promptly, your order might be cancelled, and you will need to order it again.
How much does COSMOTE Neo cost?
The cost of the package depends on the data and airtime combination you choose based on your needs. You can see the available options and their cost here.
If, by the following month your needs have changed, you can select a different option in the My COSMOTE App “Management” section.
Am I likely to be charged more than my fixed COSMOTE Neo fee?
Your credit card is charged every month depending on the fixed fee for the combination you have selected. Once you have used up 80% and 100% of the available airtime minutes or data, you will be notified via SMS. If your available balance is used up, you can buy extra data, airtime, and SMS packages, if you wish, by charging your card.
Don’t forget that you can change your plan through the My COSMOTE App “Management” section at any time!
What are my options in case I use up my COSMOTE Neo airtime minutes and data?
We’ve got you covered for that too! From the My COSMOTE App, you can easily activate an extra package, according to your Internet, airtime, or SMS needs.
Any extra packages follow the COSMOTE Neo expiry date!
For which destinations can I use the available COSMOTE Neo airtime minutes and SMS messages?
The airtime minutes and SMS messages provided at no extra cost refer to voice calls and text messages (SMS) to all national fixed and mobile networks (geographic and mobile numbers).
If you wish to make calls to non-geographic numbers (other than mobile numbers), you can easily renew your cash balance from the My COSMOTE App “Renewals” section.
Will I lose my available GB and talk minutes to all that are included in COSMOTE Neo, if I do not use them all up?
No, with COSMOTE Neo, nothing gets wasted! As long as your monthly payment is successful, your data, airtime minutes and SMS messages are transferred for 1 more month, if you have not used them up!

Don’t forget that in the My COSMOTE App “Management” section, you can change your plan at any time!
How many changes can I make to my COSMOTE Neo?
Every change you make will take effect on the next date your plan is renewed. You can even change plans every month if you wish!
Can COSMOTE Neo be used abroad?
The airtime, SMS messages and MBs provided by COSMOTE Neo can be used free of charge in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.
Countries where free roaming is allowed include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Denmark, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, La Réunion, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Finland.
What documents do I need to activate COSMOTE Neo?
To be able to create your COSMOTE Neo plan, you must provide an identification document (ID card or passport). During the activation process, you must be in a well-lit room to upload a photo of yourself, as well as a liveness video, which will be exclusively used for the ID verification procedure. In case an issue occurs (e.g., the document you uploaded is blurry), you will see a relevant message on your My COSMOTE App screen, which will guide you accordingly.
I am a COSMOTE fixed telephony client. What are the extra benefits I am entitled to with COSMOTE Neo?
With COSMOTE One you can earn free benefits every month, by combining your COSMOTE Neo with your fixed telephony COSMOTE plan. You can have an additional 2 GB for 7 days by activating COSMOTE One. You also earn 1,000 minutes of airtime every month to all COSMOTE One mobile and landline numbers.
I am a corporate client. Can I use COSMOTE Νeo?
COSMOTE Νeo is available exclusively for individuals. You can activate it as your personal plan.
What happens if there is a problem with my debit card on COSMOTE Neo payment day?
Don’t worry. Within the next 5 days, we will try to complete the payment. Until then, you can use up your available balance from the previous month. When your monthly charge is successfully completed, your plan will be renewed. The payment date will not change, so you don’t have to remember any new dates. You can always change your debit card from the My COSMOTE App “Credit cards” section.
If the issue is not resolved within 5 days, you will lose your balance and your next renewal. You can reactivate COSMOTE Neo from the My COSMOTE App “Management” section.
What happens if I delete my COSMOTE Neo debit card?
If you delete the card you use for your COSMOTE Neo monthly payments in the My COSMOTE App, your benefits will not be renewed on the predetermined date and any balances will no longer be available from that date onwards.
Don't forget that you can change your COSMOTE Neo debit card from the My COSMOTE App "Credit cards" section. You can also reactivate COSMOTE Neo from the "Management" section at any time.
How can I reactivate COSMOTE Neo?
If you choose to cancel COSMOTE Neo or if the automatic monthly payment is not successfully completed, you can reactivate COSMOTE Neo from the “Management” section in the My COSMOTE App.
Caution! The reactivation option is available for 13 months after your last successful payment. After that time, the connection is permanently terminated, and you will lose your connection number.
How can I contact a representative for anything I need regarding COSMOTE Neo?
If there is anything you want to ask and you cannot find it in the FAQs section, in My COSMOTE App “Support” section you will find a COSMOTE personal assistant for guidance.
Is there a bill issued for COSMOTE Neo?
Each month you receive proof of payment to the email you have registered during activation. No bill is issued.
When activating COSMOTE Neo, can I choose if I want to have an invoice issued?
You can choose to have an invoice issued during the activation of COSMOTE Neo, by filling in the necessary details.
You can change your choice in the My COSMOTE App “Management” section.
Can I order COSMOTE Neo for a friend or a family member?
You can activate COSMOTE Neo only using your personal details.