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With COSMOKAPTA COMBO package for only €10
get an extra BONUS of 7GB of Mobile Internet
& 400’
of airtime, every month, for the first 3 months:
300΄ to COSMOTE mobiles
+200’ of airtime BONUS
300΄ to all national networks
+200’ of airtime BONUS
400ΜB of Mobile Internet
+ 3GB Video & Music BONUS
+3GB Social Media & Chat BONUS
200 SMSs to all
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  • 1GB for 7 days per month! You can activate the 7GB Bonus via My COSMOTE app at any time during the month.
  • 1,000’ per month to landlines and to all other COSMOTE One mobiles!
  • You can call other COSMOTE One subscribers, even without credit!
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The largest 5G network in Greek
with incredible speeds exceeding 1Gbps!
As our network continues to expand to a growing number of Greek cities, COSMOTE’s 5G currently offers the most extensive 5G coverage in the country with maximum speeds already exceeding 1Gbps in certain areas.
17 cities
Population coverage in
Athens & Thessaloniki
Countrywide coverage
by the end of 2021
1. I am already a COSMOKAPTA customer, can I benefit from the offer?
The offer is only valid for new orders. In order to benefit from the offer, you have to order a new connection package
2. What happens after the offer expires?
Every time you top up your balance, a €10 COSMOKAPTA COMBO package will be automatically activated, offering you 300’ to all national networks, 300’ to COSMOTE, 400ΜΒ & 200SMS.
3. When will I receive my connection package/card?
You will receive it within 4-5 working days from placing your order.
4. Is COSMOTE going to contact me after I place my order?
Yes. Within one working day after you place your order, a COSMOTE Customer Service agent will contact you at the phone number you have submitted, and ask you to email a copy of your ID as well as any other details required to complete your order to:
5. Will there be any shipping charges?
Shipping is free of charge. You will only be charged for the top-up card you have ordered with your connection package.
6. How will I pay for my top-up card?
Your top-up card will be paid to the courier on delivery, at no additional charge. Payment can be made in cash or via credit or debit card, since the courier agent carries a POS terminal.
7. Which courier company will deliver my order?
Your order will be delivered by ELTA Courier
8. Do I have to receive my order personally or can someone else do it for me?
The order can be delivered to you or to someone else acting on your behalf, as long as he/she has an authorization validated by you as well as a copy of your ID.
9. What should I do if I miss the courier?
The courier will leave a notice indicating the ELTA branch you can pick up your order from.
10. When I receive my connection package/card, will I need to sign any documents?
Yes, you will need to sign the mobile pay as you go contract and hand it over to the courier agent.
11. Can the personal details I have submitted be different than the ones appearing in the documentation I attach?
No. If the personal details appearing in the attached documentation are different than the ones in the original application, the order will be automatically cancelled.
12. Will I be able to use my connection card/package immediately after receiving it?
If you have chosen to be allocated a new number, you will be able to use it immediately. If you have transferred your number, you will first need to be disconnected from the previous network before inserting the new SIM card you receive by courier to your mobile phone.
13. My mobile phone accepts a specific type of card (nano sim, micro sim, etc.). What should I do to receive a sim card that is compatible with my mobile phone?
The sim card you will receive is a 3-in-1 card, therefore it is compatible with all mobile phones. Depending on the SIM card type your mobile phone accepts, simply cut the respective part of your card and insert it in your device.
14. How many connection packages can I order?
You can only order one connection package at a time. If you want more than one packages, you will need to repeat the form filling procedure.

Please note! You may not have more than 20 mobile pay as you go connections registered to you across all mobile phone service providers in Greece.
15. Can I order a new number if I am under 18 years of age?
No. According to the legislation, in order to have a new connection registered to you, you need to be over 18 years of age.
16. Can I switch to COSMOKARTA and keep the number I am already using?
Yes, you can! When we call to confirm your order, please let us know you would like to keep your number and we will take care of everything else! However, make sure that the number is registered to you, or else the National Reference Database for Portability (NRDBP) will reject your number portability request.