How will we contact you for promotional purposes?
OTE and COSMOTE send personalized promotional messages based on your individual OTE / COSMOTE subscriber / user service profile, which derives from the processing of personal data based on your consent see paragraph 3B above or promotional messages for similar products and services to the ones you already own at OTE and / or COSMOTE, after processing a limited range of your personal data based on our legitimate interest, and as described in the paragraph 3C. In the second case, the promotional messages are sent based on the provisions of article 11 of L. 3471/2006, and they are only being sent provided that you have not exercised the right to object to the sending of such messages during the conclusion of the contract between us or upon the receipt of the message (e.g. via the unsubscribe mechanism).
In addition, in case you do not wish to receive such messages from us, see here.
You may receive promotional messages in the following ways:
  • Via sms to the mobile telephony connection maintained at COSMOTE or to the contact mobile phone that you have declared for the fixed telephony or internet connection
  • Via email, to the email address you provided to us (e.g. when concluding the contract or activating the online account)
  • In other similar ways (e.g. via push notifications)
In addition, we will promote our products and services to you by phone. In any case, if you do not wish us to call you for promotional purposes, you may register in the Registry of article 11 of L. 3471/2006, which is kept by both OTE and COSMOTE.

More information about the Registry, as well as how to register and deregister from it, can be found here.
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