Top Up of your balance

Top up of your balance

Have you consumed the remaining of your cash balance? No problem

New offer when you Top up your balance!

With every top up you get free MBs!

With every Top up from 10€ up to 14.99€ You get 600ΜΒ for free for 15 days!
With every Top up from 15€ up to 19.99€ You get 900ΜΒ for free for 15 days!
With every Top up from 20€ and more You get 1.2GB for free for 15 days!

The offer applies to all Top ups online from or MY COSMOTE as well as if you top up by charging your next bill (bill extension service)!

Choose one of the following ways.

A new way to top up your balance via Paypal.

Now, a new way has arrived, in order to add 10€, 12€, 15€, 20€ or 30€, easily and fast, via your PayPal account.

’Top up your balance online with 10€, 12€ 15€, 20€ or 30€ by using a credit or debit card via My COSMOTE.

Otherwise, top up your talking time online , without having to login. The procedure is simple:
  • Select the amount you want.
  • Fill in the mobile number you want to top up
  • Enter the information of your credit/debit card.

The procedure is completed with the display of the top up receipt, which you can send at your e-mail, save or even print. The person who receives the amount will be notified of the performed transaction via SMS.

For safety reasons, the available top ups are:
1 top up per day, with maximum daily amount the 30€
3 top ups per week, with maximum total amount the 60€
5 top ups per month, with maximum total amount the 100€
In order to perform the transaction, your card must be registered at the safe transactions program 3D Secure / Mastercard SecureCode / Verified by Visa.
The duration of the cash balance is 3 months (90 days) since the last top up of talking time. If 3 months (90 days) have passed and you haven’t topped up your talking time, you will lose any cash balance you have in your account.
The 12% fee of mobile telephony is subtracted from the amount of top up.

With the Balance Extension service, you can add 5€, 10€ or 20€ to your account, via: a free call to 1314 or 1316
  • a free SMS to 1316 with the text:
  • EL 1 for 5€
  • EL 2 for 10€
  • EL 3 for 20€.

Maximum limit: 40€/month
In Bill Extension service ,12% prepaid Telephony Subscriber’s Fee is imposed on the monthly bill.

If you do not wish this service, send an SMS to 1316 with the text EL NO.

You can use the Balance Extension service, if your credit is less than 2€, and add 3€, via:
  • a free call to 1315
  • a free SMS to 1315 with the text EP 3.

The cost for using the service is 0,35€, while the amount of 3,35€ will be automatically redeemed of your plan the next month or the next time you top up your balance. The use of the Balance Extension service will not be displayed to your monthly bill statement.
In order to use the service, you need to payoff a prior use of it.

You can find top up cards at COSMOTE stores, at our partners network, at kiosks and at small points-of-sale everywhere in Greece.

The amounts of the top up cards are: 12€, 15€, 20€, 30€.

All you have to do is make a call from your mobile phone, without charge, to 1314 and follow the recorded instructions.

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.