An initiative for the
protection of our sea.
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In Greece,
there are countless
myths about the sea
However, the biggest myth is that it will
stay as we know it, even if we do
nothing about it.

This is why, at COSMOTE, we have decided to take action, turning our promise for a better world for all into a reality. Our goal is to build a sustainable future for all of us, as well as for society and the environment.

Behind the COSMOTE BLUE initiative is our vision to keep the blue of our sea alive, doing our part to mitigate the risks that threaten it and protect the biodiversity of our deep seas.

We are
joining forces

As part of our actions, we have launched a strategic partnership with ENALEIA, a social enterprise at the forefront of the fight to protect the sea from plastic pollution and fish stock depletion.

ENALEIA shares the same vision with us. This vision comes to life through actions that support the circular economy, respect our planet, and promote sustainable development.
We are taking action
to protect
our blue seas
In our attempt to mitigate the risks faced by our sea,
we are implementing a series of actions along with ENALEIA by 2025:
We are collecting over
tons of plastic
With the help of professional fishermen and by making use of over 45 fishing boats from ENALEIA's network, we collect plastic from the seabed and hard-to-reach coasts in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, the Thermaic Gulf ,the Chalkidiki and Crete, areas accounting for over 40% of the plastic found in Greece.
We return a great portion
of the plastic to the circular
We manage plastic waste responsibly and aim to incorporate over half of it into the circular economy, turning more than 52 tons of plastic into new products (socks, jackets, shoes or even furniture), thus preventing the use of new natural resources that would otherwise burden the environment.
We train over
professional fishermen.
We provide training to fishermen so that they can learn to implement sustainable fishing methods and clean-up practices and manage their fishing gear responsibly, thereby helping to mitigate marine pollution and reduce the rate of fish stock depletion.
Our sea
is precious
The sea is vital not only for the entire planet but also for each one of us.
It accounts for 70% of the earth's surface and is responsible
for more than half of the oxygen we breathe.
The sea is home
to countless animal and plant organisms,
it gives us life while protecting us
by regulating the climate absorbing
carbon dioxide emissions.
In Greece, however
the sea offers something
more to us.
an unbreakable bond that is hard to put into words. This enchanting blue all around us that we cannot help admiring. The sea is not only part of our myths but also part of the most personal stories of each one of us. It is part of our culture, hearts, and memories but also a vital part of our country's economic life.
Apart from being a source
of food, it is also
a source of inspiration
for us,
giving work to hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens in industries such as shipping, fishing and tourism.
Our Greek blue seas
are precious for every aspect of our lives.
We, therefore, need to do everything in our power
to protect them.
Unfortunately, our
blue seas are in danger

In recent years, the Greek seas have
faced major threats, such as climate change and pollution
due to the huge amounts of plastic waste in our seabed,
endangering marine biodiversity.
In fact, plastic pollution is one
of the leading environmental
issues we face today, not only
in our country but worldwide.
After all, it is no myth that
11,500 tons of plastic ,end up in our country's seas every year, corresponding to 870 plastic
bottles per minute. 70%
of this plastic is back on our shores
polluting them. The situation gets even worse in the summer months, with
plastic waste increasing by 26% due to
the large number of visitors to our islands.
Be part of the
circular economy chain
By recycling the plastic, we collect from the sea,
we help combat marine pollution and protect the biodiversity of our deep seas.
In doing so, we also put the principles of circular economy into practice.
You can do your part by recycling your old device
at a COSMOTE or GERMANOS store today.