COSMOTE World MasterCard

A card which pays your phone bills just by using it for your purchases

Reduce your communication costs simply by making your daily purchases! Now COSMOTE World MasterCard gives you back up to 2% of your monthly purchases*  and 3% on your COSMOTE invoices as a total discount on your COSMOTE fixed/TV and mobile telephony bills.

More specifically, COSMOTE World MasterCard gives back to you a monthly discount calculated as follows:

  • If you are only a COSMOTE fixed/ TV subscriber: 1% on your monthly purchases using the credit card and 3% on your monthly COSMOTE fixed / TV invoice.
  • If you are only a COSMOTE mobile subscriber: 1% on your monthly purchases using the credit card and 3% on your monthly COSMOTE mobile invoice
  • If you are both a COSMOTE fixed/ TV and mobile subscriber: 2% on your monthly purchases using the credit card and 3% on your monthly COSMOTE fixed / TV and mobile invoices. This discount is evenly divided between your COSMOTE mobile and fixed /TV invoices.
In order to be eligible for the discounts described above, the repayment of COSMOTE fixed/TV and mobile bills, though a direct debit at COSMOTE World MasterCard is required.


Save money by reducing your costs on the bills of COSMOTE fixed/TV and mobile, simply and clearly!

The discount applies to the total amount of COSMOTE fixed/TV and mobile invoice and not only to the fixed monthly fee and results from all* your purchases made using the card, including the payment of COSMOTE fixed and mobile bills via COSMOTE World MasterCard.
For any discount earned, you will be monthly updated through the credit card statement and through the COSMOTE fixed/TV and mobile bill statement. In case the monthly total discount given is greater than the amount of the COSMOTE invoice, the available discount amount will be rolled over to the next monthly COSMOTE invoice.
The total discount offered by this scheme may not exceed a monthly limit of €50, or €600 per year.
Furthermore, COSMOTE World MasterCard offers you the possibility to make contactless secure transactions via the new technology of electronic payments. 

Get COSMOTE World MasterCard and enjoy Extra Benefits
  • Free subscription for the first year. From the second year onward, the annual subscription is €30
  • An Internationally accepted credit card for all transactions in Greece and abroad where MasterCard sign is valid
  • Interest free installments in more than 60,000 companies in Greece
  • Ability to use your credit card for bank transactions through Eurobank ATMs (if you already have a Eurobank account, connected to your credit card)
  • Insurance Overdraft up to € 5.000 via Eurolife ERB Insurance company
  • Travel Services for Greece and abroad using Euroworld Travel. For more information call 211 8809797
  • Call center services 24 hrs a day, from EuroPhone Banking, by calling 210-9555000 from Greece or abroad, from a fixed or mobile line.
Apply for COSMOTE World MasterCard now!

Get now COSMOTE World MasterCard, by:
  • Visiting any COSMOTE shop 
  • or by clicking here to fill in the application form online (available only in Greek)
  • or by contacting any Eurobank branch, or by calling at 210 95 55 555
Do not forget to carry with you your personal ID and a copy of your last tax statement. The credit card will be sent to the address that you will declare.

For any further information concerning the usage of the COSMOTE World MasterCard:
  • the Europhone Banking at 210 9555000, from Greece or abroad, from a fixed or mobile line
  • the Customer Care Service Department of OTE at 13888
  • the Customer Care Service Department of COSMOTE at 13838
or visit the branch network of COSMOTE-GERMANOS
(*) Indicatively, the calculation of the discount excludes:
(a) Charges relating to cash withdrawals due loan
(b) Charges relating to any interest (including default interest) or amounts of penalty clause for exceeding the credit card limit,
(c) Charges relating to the subscription of the Card
(d) Overdue charges from previous monthly bills of the Card
(e) Charges resulting from the transfer debit balance to the Card from another credit card,
(f) Charges relating to payments in public utilities (electricity, water), as well as payments to other providers associated with public utilities (electricity, water, etc.)
(g) Charges relating to payments to the Public (Tax etc.)
(h) Charges relating to gambling transactions.