Unemployed and Pensioners

 For Unemployed and Pensioners

10% discount on monthly fee, for 18 months!

For the fourth year in a row COSMOTE supports the unemployed and pensioners at a time of economic hardship, providing a 10% discount on their monthly fee for 18 months (for all residential Postpaid and Cost Control plans).

The offer is available for new and existing COSMOTE Mobile residential subscribers and as an initiative it is part of the overall OAED campaign for the provision of discounted prices for the unemployed. The tariff plan COSMOTE Mobile 1500 as well as all residential Cost Control tariff plans are excluded and can’t activate the offer.

Eligible subscribers for the offer are:
  • the Unemployed registered at OAED, who will have to provide their valid OAED unemployment card as proof of their eligibility
  • Pensioners over the age of 65 years old, who will have to provide as proof of their eligibility a pension receipt or verification from their pension fund.
In order to activate the offer, the eligible subscribers (unemployed and pensioners) will have to provide the aforementioned proof at one of the COSMOTE, GERMANOS stores as well as at the extended COSMOTE nationwide sales network.

Alternatively, existing COSMOTE subscribers can simply call “13888”  Corporate Customer Service COSMOTE.