With credit/debit card or with a PayPal account

Top up online for your mobile or for another one, via My COSMOTE without login, easily, quickly and securely, using a debit/credit card or a PayPal account and get MB for free!

  • Go to the top up page
  • Choose the amount you want
  • Choose a payment method, by card or PayPal. By choosing to pay by card, you'll need to enter your details in order to proceed. For payment via PayPal, you will be asked to login to your PayPal account
  • Fill in the mobile telephone number you want to renew its balance
  • Read and accept the terms.
The process ends with the display of the renewal receipt, which you can send to your e-mail, save it or print it.

Whenever you renew online, you earn free MB:

Top up amount BONUS
10€  600ΜΒ for 15 days
12€ 600MΒ for 15 days
15€ 900MΒ for 15 days
20€ or 30€ 1.2GΒ for 15 days

In addition, you can login or subscribe to My COSMOTE . If you have a smartphone, download your My COSMOTE App.

Terms and Conditions

Once you have purchased a top up card, follow the instructions on the back.
In addition whenever you top up your time with Top Up card you earn free MB.
Top up amount BONUS
12€  ---
15€ 600MΒ for 15 days
20€ 600MΒ for 15 days
30€ 600MΒ for 15 days

You can also top up with from € 12 up to € 100 at a COSMOTE or GERMANOS store.

Every time you top up through our stores you earn on your balance but also on MB:
Top up amount Free €
30€ - 59.99€ +10%
60€ - 100€ +15%
Top up amount BONUS
12€ - 14.99€ 600MB for 15 days
15€ - 19.99€ 900ΜΒ for 15 days
20€ - 100€ 1.2GΒ for 15 days

Through Piraeus Bank
If you hold a bank account or credit card with the Bank of Piraeus, you can directly charge your account or card for € 15, € 20 or € 30 and receive a 16-digit balance update number.
  • At all ATMs of the bank 24 hours a day
  • Through Piraeus Bank call center at 2103288000
  • Through Web Banking.
For renewal via ATMs, select from the relevant menu COSMOTE Top-Up option, then the amount you are interested in. The 16-digit balance refresh number is printed on a transaction receipt. In case of any problem, call Piraeus Bank's call center 2103288000.