Adult Pack

Adult Pack

With Adult Pack you can add four more adult channels to your COSMOTE TV channel line up and experience the most erotic content from the channels Hustler TV HD,Vixen TV and Penthouse HD1.

Get now the add on Adult Pack of COSMOTE TV with 8.69€/month*!

If you are a COSMOTE TV Subscriber via Satellite you can easily add the Adult Pack by sending an SMS to 54994 with the details below:

"SAT", blank, "AD", blank and "Pay Card Number" without spaces, e.g. SAT AD 123456.

You will soon receive a message informing you of the status of your order.

In addition, when the Adult package is activated, you will receive an informational message. The card number appears in the Settings / System / Card Number menu. SMS charge: 0.1116 € / SMS

Alternatively, in order to activate the add on pack, you can visit one of the COSMOTE, GERMANOS stores or simply call “13888” at the COSMOTE Customer Service.

The Adult Pack is exclusively for COSMOTE TV Subscribers via Satellite.

*Prices include VAT 24% and Pay TV subscriber's levy 10%. No levy is applied on leased equipment. The Adult Pack is an add on pack of COSMOTE TV service and it has a minimum commitment period of one (1) month. In case of termination before the minimum subscription period has elapsed, the subscriber is charged for a total of one (1) month subscription.