11888 giaola

Information portal 

Access to useful information is now possible for you, wherever you are, in 3 easy ways:

  • Calling 11888 from your landline or mobile phone
  • Visiting www.11888.gr and checking all available info
  • Downloading the 11888 Mobile App to your mobile phone
11888 is available 24/7 offering you a wide range of information from the local telephone directory including:

 Directory of landline and mobile phone numbers of individuals

 Business Directory

Travel agencies, hotels, rooms to let, car rental services

On-duty pharmacies, hospitals, and veterinary clinics/doctors (Athens, Thessaloniki)

Restaurants, nightlife

Movies, theaters, and events in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras 

 Coffee & dining places and OPAP shops with ΟΤΕ TV service

Additional benefits include:
  • Call 11888 and we will connect you with the number you are looking for or send you contact details with an SMS.
  • Visit www.11888.gr to find maps and related information
  • Use the 11888 Mobile App to find much-needed services and professionals such as nearby gas stations, pharmacies, stores etc., locating them in the maps.
 1,29 € /min charge. Additional mobile phone tax is applied on mobile phone calls. Customer service: 2108230099