We bring the technology
of tomorrow in Greece!
The 5G network is not just
another generation of wireless
but will change
the way we live, work and
have fun in a spectacular way!
It is one of the fastest and most reliable technologies known today, as it is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the future.
Reaching to 5G
It was mainly designed for voice services, and introduced SMS chatting, creating a new language of communication!
For the first time, we are able to share moments from everyday life, by sending photos, thanks to increased data capacity!
With speeds of up to 100Μbps, live videos and instant news changed our lives and communication!
Its incredible potential will turn our wildest dreams into reality!
We lay the foundation
for developing 5G technologies
We participate in 15 research funded projects of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) program, through which the European Union aims to enhance the competitiveness of the European industry on a global level.

We therefore contribute to the design and development of new 5G technologies, infrastructures and services, as well as in the design and evaluation of future technology solutions, commercial applications and innovative business models, in sectors such as smart cities, e-health, smart transport, education, entertainment and media.

Our goal is to gain 5G network know-how from the earliest stages of technology development, both in the lab and most importantly in the real world!
For the first time in Greece
beta 5G applications!
VR Soccer Penalty
Through VR glasses, users were transported in real time to a live field, in front of a virtual ball, while being able to view the soccer field at 180°. The movement of the ball during a penalty was shown in real time, while the goalkeeper, due to the almost zero response time of 5G technology, reacted immediately to block the ball.
Hologram chatting
Users chatted in real time with hologram and audio transfer, via HoloLens Augmented Reality, while physically located in different places. The synchronization of the interlocutors was achieved thanks to the high data transfer speed and almost zero response time.
Remote training simulation
In this 5G application demo, a remote training simulation, with demonstration and remote controlled feedback of an intern training on a patient, was presented. The doctor-instructor used the Haptic Pen to control the medical CGI robot, seeing in VR, while the intern was learning through the doctor's actions.
5G Connecting Robots
In this particular application, a sphere was moving from the center. Once moving, the system directed the 3 robots to return it to its original position in a matter of seconds. The capabilities of the near-zero response time were easily understood by comparing the system's response rate to 4G and 5G technologies.
Holographic musical experience
This is the first beta application of a "holographic" live concert via 5G. The musicians appeared together on the same stage via holograms and played in real time, while physically located in different places. The concert was achieved thanks to 5G NR (New Radio) technology, which allows a response time of 3.4ms.
Immersive VR Gaming
Users, using Virtual Reality (VR) masks and handheld controls, had the opportunity to play Fruit Ninja and live a unique immersive top quality gaming experience without interruption. The game's graphics were rendered through Cloud, opening new horizons to online gaming.
What will change with 5G?
Bigger capacity of up to
100 times
5G can connect up to 1.000.000 devices per square kilometer, since the network’s capacity shall be up to 100 times bigger compared to current data at hotspots
Incredible speeds of up to
10 Gbps
Just imagine that the contents of a DVD (4.7GB), which previously needed about 13΄ to be downloaded, will now be downloaded within few seconds with 5G!
Response time shall be down to 1 millisecond, with a 99.999% communication reliability, making delays imperceptible.
Smart Cities
The 5G network, thanks to its huge capacity, will connect all kinds of devices, receiving data in almost real time. It will, therefore, release new ideas and opportunities in sectors such as smart cities, smart agriculture and in applications such as driverless cars, smart lighting and more.
Remote Device Controlling
Devices and robots will now be connected to each other via the 5G network, with a response time of 1 millisecond. Hence, when one is moving, the other shall respond in near real time, enabling the remote control of devices and heavy machinery!
With incredible 5G speeds and almost zero response time, the Virtual and Augmented Reality experience will raise the sectors of entrepreneurship, education and entertainment to a whole new level!
By combining all the features and capabilities of the 5G network in the near future, doctors will be able to remotely monitor and evaluate 3D patients' scans in real time!