The largest 4G network in Greece
As your Mobile Internet needs grow,
we’re constantly expanding our network in order to always be right where you need us!
COSMOTE introduced the 4G network in 2012 and today,
more than 98% of the country’s population can enjoy the extraordinary possibilities of an unsurpassed and reliable network.

In the past two years, we increased the average Internet access speed of the
COSMOTE Mobile network by +40% and its capacity by +57%!
With the COSMOTE 4G+ network and speeds that exceed 300 Mbps,
your Mobile Internet experience becomes unique.
*The given times refer to download speeds.
COSMOTE Mobile network is constantly expanding in order to provide
fast Mobile Internet in more points than any other network!
Coverage 4G
Coverage 4G
Coverage 4G
Coverage 4G+
Investments in new generation
networks since 2012
What does a 1% difference in network coverage really mean?
50 thousand
less frozen videos
200 thousand
less failed SMS
50 million
less dropped calls
200 million
less failed calls
*These measurements arise from annual network statistics.
Our commitment to network excellence has kept us for one more year in the 1st place!
Fastest broadband network award by Ookla®, the global leader in broadband and mobile network testing. The COSMOTE mobile network is faster by 84% in download speed, than the second provider.
See the results *Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data from Q3-Q4 2018.
Best in Test certification for our mobile data and voice services, for the 5th consecutive year, from the internationally recognized organization for quality evaluation of telecommunication networks, P3 Communications.
See the results
Why should I choose the 4G/4G+ network of COSMOTE?
The 4G/4G+ network of COSMOTE improves significantly your experience in Mobile Internet, providing multiple speeds* in order to browse the Internet even faster, watch HD videos without interruptions and download and upload large files fast!

*The COSMOTE 4G/4G+ network of LTE (Long Term Evolution) Advanced Pro technology, offers a unique user experience with more than 6 times faster average speed than the 3G network. The average access speed via the 3G network of COSMOTE exceeds 10 Mbps. This information is verified by the latest study of the independent company P3, which was conducted in October 2017. The data transfer speed depends on the user’s terminal equipment, the area where the subscriber is located and the amount of simultaneous users in the area of coverage.
What is the procedure that I must follow in order to access the 4G/4G+ network of COSMOTE via my connection?
You do not need to take any action. Access to the 4G / 4G + network is possible for all COSMOTE subscribers.
Is there a different charge if I use the 4G/4G+ network of COSMOTE for Internet calls?
The applicable charges will not be differentiated if the subscriber uses the 4G network. The higher speeds of the new network COSMOTE 4G allow the easier use of advanced multimedia applications such as HD Streaming and HD Video Conferencing, as well sending and receiving large files.

Indicative examples:
  • Watch High Definition Video Streaming: approximately 2GB/hour
  • Watch Video Streaming with standard analysis: approximately 650ΜΒ/ hour
  • Surf webpages: approximately 50ΜΒ/ hour
  • Send Mail/month: approximately 512ΚΒ/mail
  • Send high resolution photos: approximately 5ΜΒ/photo
How can I control my Internet usage?
Via the exclusive service COSMOTE My Internet you can have real cost control of your MB and the assurance that you will not be charged additionally unless you select it!

Get notified immediately when you are running out of ΜΒ
Every time you consume 100% of your ΜΒ, surfing is interrupted and the webpage of COSMOTE My Internet is displayed on your mobile screen.

Decide how to continue
If you want to continue surfing, you can select via your mobile phone one of the available mobile Internet tariff plans.

Know your available ΜΒ
You can see in real time your available ΜΒ, the renewal date and the expiration date of the mobile Internet packs you have purchased.

The Service is provided to all Residential Contract, Cost Control and Prepaid Plans.
When you make a new connection, the service COSMOTE My Internet is pre-activated. Alternatively, you can activate the new service in one of the following ways:
  • via the webpage
  • via a free SMS to 1333, with the text message MI.
  • via My COSMOTE App or the section My COSMOTE in
  • via a telephone to the Residential Customer Service Fixed & Mobile at 13888
For Contract Subscribers, during the activation of the service COSMOTE My Internet, the Cost Control service is also automatically activated.

Moreover, you can control your remaining available MB any time, via My COSMOTE App or, alternatively, by sending the text message “1” via a free SMS to 1256. For more information on the Cost Control service click here.
In which devices can I use the 4G network of COSMOTE?
In order to access the 4G network you need to use devices that support LTE. COSMOTE offers a wide variety of innovative 4G Smartphones, Tablets and USB Sticks in order to enjoy super-fast Mobile Internet.
Do 4G devices require a new SIM Card?
You can use the SIM cards that operate in the existing 3G network.
Do I need specific settings in order to connect to the 4G/4G+ network?
You don’t need different settings in your device in order to access the network.
I own a 4G device which I didn’t purchase from the COSMOTE network of shops. Can I use it in the 4G network of COSMOTE?
You must visit one of the COSMOTE shops in order to check if your device can support the 4G/4G+ network of COSMOTE. Alternatively, call Customer Service at 13888 if you are a COSMOTE Contract, Cost Control or Prepaid subscriber (charge 0,19€/call) or 13818, if you are a professional (free call from the COSMOTE company phone).