The largest 4G network in Greece!
As your needs
for mobile Internet grow,

we will be expanding our network,
so we can always be right
where you need us!
COSMOTE first launched its 4G network in 2012 and to date over 98% of the country's population can enjoy the incredible capabilities of an unrivaled and reliable network.

Within the last three years alone, we have increased the average Internet access speed of COSMOTE’s mobile network by 45% and capacity by 65%!
Our commitment for a network of excellence
brought us for another year in the 1st place.
Greece’s Fastest Mobile Network award for the 3rd consecutive year by Ookla® the global leader in broadband and mobile network testing. The COSMOTE mobile network is faster by 50% in download speed compared to the second provider.
* Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q3–Q4 2019.
Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.
Best in test certification for voice and data services for the 6th consecutive year by Umlaut Communications, an internationally acclaimed telecommunications metering company.
Unsurpassed mobile Internet
experience with COSMOTE 4G network.
Email 5MB in less than
1 second
HD Video 5’ in less than
15 seconds
10 Mp3 songs in less than
5 seconds
A website in less than
1 seconds
COSMOTE’s mobile network is continuously expanding,
so you can have fast mobile Internet
in more spots than any other network!
Population 4G coverage
Geographic 4G coverage
At sea 4G coverage
Population 4G+ coverage
What does 1% difference mean
in network coverage
less frozen videos
less failed text messages
less dropped calls
less failed calls
*Measurements obtained from annual statistical network data.
Frequent questions
Do you want to know more? You can find all the answers here.
Why choose COSMOTE’s 4G/4G+ network?
COSMOTE's 4G/4G+ network greatly improves your mobile Internet experience, by providing multiple speeds*, so you can navigate the Internet even faster, watch HD videos without interruption, and download and upload large files really fast!

*COSMOTE’s 4G/4G+ LTE (Long Term Evolution) Advanced Pro network delivers a unique user experience with more than 6 times higher average speeds than the 3G network.The average access speed through COSMOTE’s 3G network exceeds 10 Mbps. These data are certified by the latest survey of the independent company P3 Communications, conducted in October 2017. The speed of data transmission depends on the router, the user’s location, as well as the number of users who make simultaneous use in the coverage area.
What procedure do I need to follow in order to access COSMOTE's 4G/4G+ network from my connection?
You do not have to do anything. Access to 4G/4G+ is open to all COSMOTE subscribers.
Is there a difference in charges if I use COSMOTE’s 4G/4G+ network for Internet & calls?
Existing charges will not be differentiated if the subscriber is using the 4G network.
The higher speeds of the new COSMOTE 4G network make it easier to use advanced multimedia applications, such as HD Streaming and HD Video Conferencing, as well as fast uploading and downloading of large files.

Some usage examples
  • High Definition Video Streaming: approximately 2GB/hour
  • Standard analysis Video Streaming: approximately 650ΜΒ/hour
  • Website navigation: approximately 50ΜΒ/hour
  • Email/month: approximately 512ΚΒ/mail
  • High resolution picture sending: approximately 5ΜΒ/picture
How can I monitor my Internet usage?
The exclusive COSMOTE My Internet service offers you real cost control of your MB and peace of mind so you don't get charged without knowing it.

Ενημερώνεσαι άμεσα όταν τελειώνουν τα ΜΒ
Αν είσαι συνδρομητής συμβολαίου COSMOTE Mobile, όταν καταναλωθεί το 80% των δωρεάν ΜΒ σου θα λαμβάνεις ενημερωτικό SMS που θα περιλαμβάνει το link της σελίδας της υπηρεσίας ( για να αποφασίσεις πώς θα συνεχίσεις. Αντίστοιχα, για τους συνδρομητές COSMOTE Mobile Καρτοσυμβόλαιο ή Καρτοκινητής, όταν απομείνουν 10ΜΒ για πλοήγηση στο Internet θα αποστέλλεται αντίστοιχο SMS.
Επιπλέον, όταν καταναλωθεί το 100% των δωρεάν ΜΒ, η πρόσβαση στο Internet θα διακόπτεται και εφόσον εκείνη τη στιγμή πλοηγείσαι στο Internet θα οδηγείσαι αυτόματα στη σελίδα της υπηρεσίας, ενώ ταυτόχρονα θα λαμβάνεις και ενημερωτικό SMS.

You decide how to proceed
If you want to continue browsing, you may select one of the available mobile Internet packages from your mobile phone.

Monitor your available ΜΒ
Remain informed in real time about your available ΜΒ, when your packages are renewed and when do they expire.

The Service is provided to all COSMOTE customers, regardless of the plan they are using. When you make a new connection, the COSMOTE My Internet service will be pre-activated.
Alternatively, you may activate the new service in the following ways:
  • through 
  • by sending a free text message to 1333, typing MI.
  • through the My COSMOTE App or section My COSMOTE at
  • at COSMOTE/ΓΕΡΜΑΝΟΣ store 
  • by calling the Fixed & Mobile Telephony Customer Service Department at 13888 
For contract holders, the Cost Control service is compulsorily activated along with the COSMOTE My Internet service.

Moreover, you may monitor your available MB at any time through the My COSMOTE App or, alternatively, by sending «1» with a free text message at 1256.
For more information regarding the “Balance Check” service, click here.
With what kind of devices may I use COSMOTE’s 4G network?
Access to the 4G network requires the use of LTE-supporting devices. COSMOTE offers a wide range of cutting-edge 4G Smartphones, Tablets and USB Sticks, so you can enjoy incredibly fast mobile Internet.
Do 4G Devices require a new SIM card?
You may use the SIM cards that work with the existing 3G network.
Do I need specific settings to connect to the 4G/4G+ network?
You don't need any different settings for your 4G device to access the network.
I own a 4G device that was not purchased from COSMOTE's store network. Can I use it with COSMOTE's 4G network?
You should visit a COSMOTE store, to find out if your device can support COSMOTE’s 4G/4G+ network. Alternatively, you may call Customer Service at 13888 if you have a contract, prepaid or postpaid plan (0.19 €/call) or at 13818 for business entities (free call from COSMOTE company mobile phones).