COSMOTE Business One | SMALL

up to 24Mbps
Smart Office
COSMOTE Internet
1 Voice
Channel Fixed
Business email
1 Mobile
File Backup

84,90 €

Total Monthly Fee

There is a COSMOTE Business One for every small or large business.


The plan includes, in detail:
The following are indicative. You can choose different fixed, mobile telephony programs, Internet and Smart Office services that will fully meet the needs of your business. So, you can choose one of the following COSMOTE Business One or create your own, choosing the products that you need for your business.
Internet up to 24Mbps
Unlimited Internet access up to 24Mbps, for one point of presence of your business.

Internet Backup
Your Back-up Internet and telephone connection via 3G/4G.
1 Voice Channel
Among COSMOTE Business intra-company mobile Unlimited
To fixed phone lines 2.000'
Το Greek mobile and to international (fixed & mobile) on 35 countries 720'
1 Mobile connection
Among COSMOTE Business intra-company mobiles and company mobiles to fixed telephones of your business Unlimited
To fixed phone lines 1.500’
To all mobiles 80'
Mobile Internet 5GB
Roaming in EU countries, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein Free
You have 1Gb extra per connection, per month
Smart Office Value Pack
PBX Services with a simple telephone device for
Call diversions, Voicemail-to-Email, Recorder Announcements, Call waiting up to 5 calls
Business email
80GB free email, up to 50 email accounts
File Backup
You have 100GB of storage available to backup your business files.
Moreover, you can enjoy
Free of charge Activation Fee, Wi Fi Router, COSMOTE My Internet, 1 Bill, Exclusive customer service just for your company.
Extra services for your business
There is a
for every small or large business.
Make your own
Τhe overall price results from COSMOTE Business Double Play 24 Basic (34.90 €) of OTE, COSMOTE Business Mobile of COSMOTE (42.21€) including 10% discount to monthly fees , included COSMOTE Smart Office Value Pack of OTE. Programs of fixed & molile telephony require commitment period. In case of withdrawal before the expiration date a termination fee is charged. New fixed phone line fee 36.38€ including VAT 24%. Final Price includes VAT 24%, Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax 5%,and Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee 12%. There is a higher Mobile Subscriber Fee charge if the amount of the monthly bill (before VAT) per Mobile connection reaches a higher applicable scale. For more information on the Mobile Telephony Fee, clickhere. "*The Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax does not apply to once-off fees. COSMOTE Business Mobile Plans are suitable for companies & Public Sector. COSMOTE Business Mobile Plans are suitable for professionals that hold three (3) or more connections, out of which two (2) at least connections are voice contract connections.
**COSMΟΤΕ Business Double Play Basic, offers free minutes for 35 international fixed destinations (as shown below on terms and conditions). The charge will be on a per minute basis .With the completion of the available airtime, all calls will be charged according to the “Pricelist for International Calls of Business Packages” . Available airtime for calls to International Destinations should be consumed within one billing month without being eligible to transfer any remaining volumes to the next month.

Terms & Conditions (greek only)