COSMOTE Business One - 7 Employees

up to 50Mbps
Internet Backup
Office on the move
File Backup
Fixed line
for 7 Employees
Digital Presence
Advanced PBX
Mobile for 2
Web Collaboration
Business email

217.85 €

Total Monthly Fee

There is a COSMOTE Business One for every small or large business.


The plan includes, in detail:
The following are indicative. You can choose different fixed, mobile telephony programs, Internet and Smart Office services that will fully meet the needs of your business. So, you can choose one of the following COSMOTE Business One or create your own, choosing the products that you need for your business.
Internet up to 50Mbps
Unlimited Internet access via COSMOTE Fiber, up to 50Mbps, for one point of presence of your business.

COSMOTE Internet Back Up
Your Back-up Internet and telephone connection via 3G/4G.
Fixed phone lines for 7 Employees
5 fixed plans
Among COSMOTE Business intra-company mobile Unlimited
To landlines 300’
To all mobiles 60'
To international destinations Low charge*
2 fixed plans
Among COSMOTE Business intra-company mobile Unlimited
To landlines 600’
To all mobiles 150'
To international destinations Low charge*
Mobile for 2 Employees
2 mobile connections
Among COSMOTE Business intra-company mobiles and company mobiles to fixed telephones of your business Unlimited
To fixed phone lines 1.500’
To all mobiles 800'
Mobile Internet 5GB
Roaming in EU countries, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein Free
You have 1Gb extra per connection, per month
Advanced PBX Services
With basic (IVR, Line Hunting, Divert calls, etc.) and advanced PBX services such as corporate phone directory and call divert, without having or maintaining a PBX. Furthermore you can make conference calls, receive voice messages to your email etc. All of these can be fully managed quickly and easily through a portal.
Web Collaboration
Services to collaborate via the web:
Such as web conferences, sharing your desktop with colleagues, and many more that will make your business work better than ever (for 5 fixed connections)

Services that facilitate team communication:
Chat and notify whether you are online or out of office.
Digital Office PC Client
Make calls from your PC and manage communication with your team wherever you are.
Office on the move
Your fixed phone can ring to your mobile phone so as to not miss a call, while you can make calls from your mobile displaying your fixed phone number.
Digital Presence
Host website 6GB, Static IP, Free Domain Name Registration “.gr”or ".eu".
Business email
80GB free email, up to 50 email accounts
File Backup
You have 100GB of storage available to backup your business files.
Moreover you enjoy
Free of charge Activation Fee, Wi Fi Router, COSMOTE My Internet, 1 Bill, Exclusive customer service just for your company
Extra services for your business
1.80€ / EMPLOYEE
Security for both PC's and mobiles of your business.
5.00 € / EMPLOYEE
Service that gives you all the features of an Attendant via WEB
5.21€ / EMPLOYEE
Microsoft Office programms for your business
@YourService for Business
2.00€ / EMPLOYEE
Help from skilled technicians for anything you need in your business at affordable rates.
There is a
for every small or large business.
Make your own
The combined plan for 7 employees refers to a combination of 5 COSMOTE Digital Office Economy voice plans at 5,25€ per month and 2 COSMOTE Digital Office Basic at 8,40€ per month and per post with two COSMOTE Business Mobile Medium (37,52€) connections, including 20% discount on the mobile fixed fees and 50€ as maximum limit per TIN. It requires broadband connection with Internet speed up to 50Mbps with COSMOTE Digital Office. It also includes COSMOTE Internet Backup 5€, PBX service “IVR menu” at 5,00€ per month, Line Hunting at 2,00€ per month and Professional Services Advanced for each employee. Office on the move and double MB require application for COSMOTE Business One and application for Office on the move. The final price includes 24% VAT, 5% Fixed Telephony Subscribers’ Fee and 15% Mobile Telephony Subscribers’ Fee. A higher Mobile Telephony Subscribers’ Fee will be imposed if the total amount of the monthly bill (prior VAT) per Mobile connection reaches a charging scale in which higher fee applies. For more information on the Mobile Telephony Fee click here. One-off fees do not subject to Fixed Telephony Subscribers’ Fee. Low charges for E.U. international calls and special charges for other international destinations (Albania, Zones Ι, ΙΙ, ΙΙΙ & ΙV).

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