Which fixed and mobile services can you choose for COSMOTE Business One?
For COSMOTE Business One you can choose COSMOTE Business Mobile and COSMOTE Digital Office programs available from 5/12/2016.
Which are the eligible for discount COSMOTE Business Mobile Rate plans for COSMOTE Business One?
Eligible for discount are the COSMOTE Business Mobile programs with monthly fee above 25€ please see below:

COSMOTE Business Mobile to All 150/ 400/ 1.000/ 1.500/ 3.000/ 5.000 / 10.000
COSMOTE Business Mobile Value 25/ 35 / 45
COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control to All 25 /30
COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control Value 25 / 30
COSMOTE Business Mobile Small / Medium/ Large/ Gold/ Platinum
What is the maximum amount of discount for COSMOTE Business One?
The maximum amount of discount that the customer can have in monthly fees of COSMOTE Business Mobile rate plans, may not exceed the amount of 50 € / month (VAT included) if combined with Digital office.
How many COSMOTE Business One can I have?
Only 1 (one) COSMOTE Business One is allowed per client’s VAT registration number.
What about the bill of COSMOTE Business One?
The customer's bill will be one envelope which will contain separate invoices for COSMOTE Business Mobile connections (with the appropriate discount) and COSMOTE Digital Office services.
How is the customer notified for the activation of COSMOTE Business One?
The subscriber will receive an SMS to the mobile that was declared in contract when the request of COSMOTE Business One will be completed.
How can I activate the E-mail?
The Business Email can be activated with registration to www.cosmotecloud.gr.
What about the new personal service for COSMOTE Business One?
If the customer has COSMOTE Business One, by calling 13818 Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00, he can communicate with his own personal service partner who will advise him and guide him, resolving any questions or any technical problem faced.
Which mobile programs are eligable for double ΜΒs?
The programs that are eligible for double MB are the following:
COSMOTE Business Mobile to All 400/ 1.000/ 1.500/ 3.000/ 5.000 & 10.000
COSMOTE Business Mobile Small / Medium/ Large/ Gold/ Platinum
When are the double MB activated on your mobile phone?
In order to get double MB on your mobile phone you must have COSMOTE Business One with COSMOTE Digital Office. Then, you must request your mobile phone to be connected to a specific number of COSMOTE Digital Office.
What does COSMOTE Digital Office telephone service include?
It includes advanced telephony services, Internet & advanced call center services provided per employee. It offers flexibility and economy in your business since you don't need to acquire or to maintain a call center device. Furthermore all employees can work "smartly", quickly and easily from wherever they are. You can enjoy in your business:
  • High Internet speeds
  • Free intra-company calls
  • Talking time and PBX facilities per employee such as corporate directory of the company with internal numbers for each employee, call divert or caller ID and many more feautures that are easily organized through a portal.
  • Services that facilitate communication in the group-such as messaging (chat) and information on whether someone is online, out of office or have left a specific message.
  • Services for collaboration via the web that allows you to share the desktop of an employee with partners, commenting material "bumped" in a common work area, live feedback of the participants to a meeting, and many others that make your business better. Finally with low cost you can enjoy services that give you the possibility to have a receptionist via WEB, to route your calls when needed, to receive a fax to your email etc.
What is the "Office on the move" service?
It allows the user to "connect" the mobile number of COSMOTE Business with the fixed phone (COSMOTE Digital Office number). The number of the office and the mobile number becomes one so the employee can designate when he/she is absent from the office in order not lose any call and ringing on your mobile phone. Moreover, when he/she is outside the office can call on his mobile phone and choose to display the number of the fixed number.
How you can activate the "Don’t miss a call" service?
You must fill out the application of "bonding" your COSMOTE Business mobile phone number with the COSMOTE Digital Office fixed phone number.
Can I use the double MB offer of Business One while Roaming?
Yes the double MB offer are available for use while Roaming
Can I use double MB offer of Business One with an extra SIM and/or IOTG??
Yes the double MB offer are shareable with extra SIM ή/και IOTG.