Which fixed & mobile service can you choose for COSMOTE Business One?
CΟSMOTE Business One is valid for COSMOTE Business Mobile and COSMOTE Double Play programs.
Which are the eligible for discount COSMOTE Business Mobile Rate plans for COSMOTE Business One?
Eligible for discount are the COSMOTE Business Mobile programs
  • COSMOTE Business Mobile προς Όλους 150/ 400/ 1.000/ 1.500/ 3.000/ 5.000 & 10.000
  • COSMOTE Business Mobile Value 25 / 35 & 45
  • COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control προς Όλους 25, 35, 45
  • Cosmote Business Mobile Cost Control
  • COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control Value 25 & 30
  • COSMOTE Business Mobile Small / Medium/ Large/ Gold/ Platinum
What is the maximum discount Ι can get with COSMOTE Business One?
The maximum amount of discount that the customer can have in monthly fees of COSMOTE Business Mobile rate plans, may not exceed the amount of 30€/month (VAT included) when combined with COSMOTE Business Double Play programs available after 9/11/2015 that is COSMOTE Business Double Play 2015 or COSMOTE Business Double Play 2017 or COSMOTE Business Double Play 2019.
How many COSMOTE Business One can I have?
Only 1 (one) COSMOTE Business One is allowed per client’s VAT registration number.
Can I control the COSMOTE Business One privileges online?
Yes! Now the legal representative of the company can control COSMOTE Business One and all its privileges.
What about the bill of COSMOTE Business One?
The customer's bill will be one envelope which will contain separate invoices for COSMOTE Business Mobile connections (with the appropriate discount) and COSMOTE Business Double Play / COSMOTE Smart Office.
How is the customer notified for the activation of COSMOTE Business One?
The subscriber will receive an SMS to the mobile that was declared in contract when the request of COSMOTE Business One will be completed.
What are the requirements for COSMOTE Smart Office?
The only requirement for COSMOTE Smart Office is that the client has to have a registered landline in OTE either with 1 voice channel or with 2 voice channels.
What does Smart Office offer?
Smart Office is a Virtual Call Center in the cloud which offers :
  • Scheduled diversions of incoming calls (based on time/day)
  • Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Web-to-Fax
  • Voicemail-to-email, with custom announcement in each voicemail
  • Call waiting queue (up to 5 calls in queue), with custom call waiting message
  • Interactive Voice Response menu IVR, fully customized by the customer
  • Recorded announcements, customized
  • Line Hunting
Charges of the call diversion due to Smart Office?
Smart Office uses the call diversion for its functionalities. Charges coming of these call diversions are based on active package in line the subscriber has selected and the active price list. Buying COSMOTE Business One, the subscriber can take advantage of the unlimited calls from fixed line to mobile numbers of his company by diverting the incoming calls to mobiles without any further charge.
How can I activate the E-mail?
The Business Email can be activated with registration to www.cosmotecloud.gr
What about the new personal service for COSMOTE Business One?
If the customer has COSMOTE Business One, by calling 13818 Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00, he can communicate with his own personal service partner who will advise him and guide him, resolving any questions or any technical problem faced.