The service "" is a complete solution that includes presence of your business on the Internet and its overall promotion, in an easy, fast and free for the first 6 months way!

Login to to register the domain name of your business, build your site which will be hosted on secure OTE infrastructures, and have the tools that will help promote your business at your disposal. One of the major provided tools, is the one that enables you to create Email & SMS campaigns, in order to massively communicate with your customers.

Τhe service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.


"Your" is a complete tool for promoting and developing your business, which is constantly enriched with new features and hosted securely by OTE.   
Visit and follow 5 simple steps in order to subscribe to the service and get the first 6 months for free!

"Your" includes:

  • Registration of a new domain name with suffix «.gr» or «.eu» that will be the email address of your business.
  • Complete and reliable hosting of your website in OTE secure infrastructure, maintained and monitored on a 24 hours basis by our certified and well-trained staff.
  • Excellent technical support provided by our qualified Corporate Customer Service COSMOTE staff either by calling 13818 or by email at
  • Additional opportunity to promote your company and your products through email and SMS campaigns for your clients or potential customers. Each month, you can organize email or SMS campaigns for promotions or new products etc. for FREE, in order to communicate with mass email and SMS to increase your sales, traffic of your store, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • A tool to create promotion material for your business, such as business cards or brochures, designing them yourself easily and quickly with no cost at all!
  • Web Site Statistics capability.
It also provides you with many other tools that you can see here.

Visit the site of OTE service "Your", and see details on all the opportunities provided to you in order to get your business online and promote it fast and easily, along with all the other available tools.

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