Added Value Services

Added Value Services

The Value Added Services are electronic communications services which are also offered in the telecommunications backbone network, usually through dedicated telecommunication systems.
OTE Group of Companies enables companies or individuals, to choose from a wide range of Value Added Services to better serve themselves and their clients.
The Value Added Services include the following categories:

  • Short Numbers
  • Multimedia Information Services
  • Health Management System (HMS)

Short Numbers

The Short Codes are shortcodes call numbers that appeal to the general public and is an effective means of communication for businesses, service companies and public sector (ministries, municipalities, organizations, etc.).
Since they are apart from few numbers, the short codes are easily recognizable by the public, so that companies or individuals  can achieve their goal, ie frequency of use.

The Short Codes exploit the possibilities afforded by the OTE Intelligent Network, providing additional functionalities including:

  • The ability to route calls to the Short Code, based on the geographical origin (origindependentrouting) or based on the time the call was made (timedependentrouting).
  • The ability to use  automated import options menu by the end user (IVR mode)
  • Call waiting Mechanism (call queuing).
  • Call control and distribution mechanism
OTE Group of Companies also provides integrated service solutions and call handling services end2end, 24 hours a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from call centers staffed with qualified personnel, with considerable experience and continuing education in order to provide services to the maximum quality.
The Short Codes have the ability to trigger on:
  • A prefecture and receive calls nationwide
  • One or more prefectures and receive calls within the confines of each prefecture
The end users charge, fixed and mobile, for calls to short code of normal charging is not increased and is in accordance with the respective invoices of Provider connection of telephone.

Multimedia Information Services
Health Management System (HMS)
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