COSMOTE Travel & Talk
COSMOTE Travel & Talk
Γενική περιγραφή
In which countries can I use Travel & Talk?
Travel & Talk Ζone A
Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, F.Y.R.O.M, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Kosovo, Moldavia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey
Travel & Talk Ζone B
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China*, Egypt, Emirates, Hong Kong*, India, Israel, Japan*, Kuwait*, Nigeria, Philippines*, Qatar, Russia, S. Africa, S. Korea*, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, USA

* Network Coverage in the above countries that do not provide a complete roaming service for prepaid telephony, you can use COSMOTE Travel & Talk bundles only for incoming calls and to send SMS.
You can check the coverage here.
The above coverage can change anytime, without warning.
Activation – Deactivation
Service Activation
Roaming Zones Incoming-outgoing free minutes /bundle Free outgoing SMS /bundle Bundle charge (VAT incl) Bundle duration SMS wording to activate
Ζone A 10' 10 2,99€ Daily TTA10
30' 30 7,99€ Weekly TTA30
Ζone B 10' 10 4,99€ Daily TTB10
30' 30 11,99€ Weekly TTB30

COSMOTE Travel & Talk service can also be activated without purchasing a specific bundle by sending a free SMS to 1330 and typing "TTON".

Once the service is activated, it will remain active every time you roam, unless it is de-activated.

Deactivating the service

All COSMOTE prepaid, COSMOTE Mobile Cost Control and COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control subscribers can deactivate the service COSMOTE Travel & Talk.
The de-activation can take place by sending a free SMS to 1330 and typing “TFOFF”.

Prices include VAT 24%. Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee is applied (12%, 15%, 18% ή 20%), according to the amount of the monthly bill (before VAT) per mobile connection. For more information click here.