Other Services

Intracompany Communication

Combine the Intracompany Communication Services with COSMOTE Business Mobile plans and cover the communication needs of your business!

Mobile Voicemail

When your mobile phone is deactivated, out of range, or you just cannot answer the call at the moment, just listen to the voice message!

Mobile Easy Transfer

COSMOTE Mobile Easy Transfer service, enables you to top up the balance of Prepaid, Cost Control, COSMOTE Business Mobile Cost Control and COSMOTE Mobile Internet Prepaid subscriptions, simply and easily from your mobile!

Mobile Data & Fax

Send and receive data and fax messages no matter where you are, with COSMOTE Mobile Data & Fax service!

Mobile Phone Directory

Dial 11831 from a mobile or a fixed line, and easily find whatever you are looking for.

Mobile Audio Conference

If your job requires you to talk to up to five persons simultaneously, COSMOTE sets up a conference for you!