Mobile Voicemail

COSMOTE Mobile Voicemail

Never miss a call, even when your mobile phone is deactivated, out of range or busy, or when you are unable to answer, with the COSMOTE Mobile Voicemail service!

The COSMOTE Mobile Voicemail service is provided automatically when you activate your connection and allows you to never miss a call when:

  • your mobile phone is out of range or deactivated
  • you do not answer an incoming call
  • are already talking to somebody else on your mobile phone
  • have activated automatic call forwarding to your mobile Voicemail.
Every time you get a message on your Mobile Voicemail, you are informed via SMS.

To listen to your messages, you only have to dial 123 if you are in Greece or +306971000123 if you are abroad, and then enter your mobile phone number and your personal password.

Furthermore, you can set a personal password for your Mobile Voicemail to ensure the privacy of your messages as well as the language of communication. If you don’t use your Voicemail for 14 days (or 3 months, if you have changed the login password), when you use it again, it will function with the default COSMOTE settings again (login password 9999 and Greek language).

COSMOTE also enables you:
  • to activate the Call Notification Service too, so that you are notified about missed calls made when your phone is off, busy or out of range by users who did not leave a message in your Mobile Voice Mailbox
  • to send a voice message directly to another COSMOTE Mobile user’s Voice Mailbox without calling his/her mobile phone
  • to see the number of the caller who has left a voice message in your Mobile Voice Mailbox, if he/she has not activated the “Calling Line Identification Restriction” option
  • to accept fax messages in your Mobile Voice Mailbox.
  • If you are a pre-paid user, you just have to call Customer Care at 13838 and ask to activate the service
  • The charge incurred, for calls which are forwarded to a COSMOTE subscriber’s Voicemail service, commences after the introductory phrase “your call is being diverted” and is the same as the respective charge for a call made to COSMOTE’s network.
 Click here to see the instructions

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.