COSMOTE Ethernet

To transfer large amounts of data into a single corporate network, OTE Group suggests integrated COSMOTE Ethernet services, that offer enormous possibilities for communication with nationwide coverage. 
COSMOTE Ethernet services can meet the requirements for:

  • The connection of the customer’s points of presence in order to transfer large amount of data at high speeds while at the same time the telecom costs are reduced.
  • connection of Customers', suppliers' and business partners' networks in a single corporate network
The network’s services are addressed to customers with more than two points of presence. Our customers come from various sectors of the economy such as retail services, insurance companies, banks, tourism, IT , telecommunications , etc.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


OTE Group can provide an exclusive end-to-end circuit at speeds variating from 1Mbps to 1Gbps.There is also the possibility to offer a cumulative speed of 10Gbps per customer end. Moreover, each customer is given the ability to create and manage their own sub-networks, which may vary according to their own operational requirements.

Ethernet services are provided in the following combinations: 

  • Point to Point or P2P: A basic service for COSMOTE Ethernet which combines safety, quality and ease of interconnection between two points of presence meeting the requirement for high speed data transfer
  • Point to MultiPoint or P2MP: The "Ethernet Line" P2MP service refers to connections from one central point to multiple edge points (ie architecture Hub & Spoke).
Access to Ethernet services is implemented by making an excellent and full use of OTE’s wide range of technology. Besides OTE’s copper network , which is used with terminal equipment for speeds up to 4Mbps there is also the possibility to use OTE’s optical fibers network for speeds over 6Mbps. There is also the possibility of using more technology options such as LMDS, Actelis, SHDSL, always oriented towards the customer’s needs and requirements

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