Solutions for Hospitals
Solutions for Hospitals
Adopting these solutions helps to upgrade health services and ensures:
  • Direct and easy access for medical/nursing staff to any medical information – anytime, anywhere
  • Improved efficiency of intra-hospital communication
  • Immediate reduction in the medical center’s telecommunications expenses
  • Better management of hospital assets
  • Increased productivity of medical, nursing and administrative personnel, while making their jobs easier
  • Maximum patient satisfaction and reduction of waiting and hospitalization times

Connected Hospital
  • WiFi networking. Medical and nursing staff can search and manage the medical center’s stored data via tablet or smartphone, while all patients and their escorts/visitors have internet access.
  • Unified Communication. Upgraded call centers and secure extension of internal telephony to mobile devices within the medical center. Direct communication between doctors, nursing staff, paramedics, technicians, security personnel, etc – on the move, without losing precious time.
  • Asset Management & Tracking. Management and tracking of important medical-center assets via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that enable monitoring of assets in real time and provide information on the availability and precise location of medical equipment and supplies. You can also monitor and maintain the medical center’s assets and receive notifications in case of changes in the temperature or pressure of sensitive medical supplies, or removal of assets from the hospital.  
  • Bedside terminals. Bedside terminal systems with touch-screens that offer infotainment, entertainment and support services for patients and their escorts, while also serving as a work tool for the hospital’s nursing, medical and administrative personnel, providing access to the hospital’s internal systems. 
Remote examination/diagnosis solution with specialized medical tools and applications that reduce outpatient visits and patient-intake costs at medical centers. In cases of emergency or chronic illness, patients do not need to be physically present at the medical center, because they can transmit all necessary readings and measurements to their doctor and receive the necessary instructions. This solution can also be used for remote training/updating of medical professionals.
Remote Communication System with full optical (high-definition) and audio coverage that reduces movement of health professionals, saving time and cutting costs. The system supports additional useful and innovative applications for patient groups with special needs, such as the mentally ill, helping to reduce their hospitalization time and improve their quality of life.
Hospital Information System
HIS – HISmobile. Central certified system for direct access to medical data via desktop and mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) enabling multiple interconnectivity inside and outside the medical center. Provides secure access to patient files, medical tests, accounting data and administrative documents among collaborating hospitals and medical centers.
An image viewing and management system compatible with the latest medical standards (DICOM – HL7), it collects all the information from multiple image examinations systems in a central working directory for optimal performance and reliability. User friendly, with cutting-edge security and scalability, the system can store a large volume of information. It also offers options for archiving and storage in multiple storage facilities and interconnection with other systems such as RIS, EMR, HR etc.
1535 - Healthline

Integrated central control and appointment management system for health services providers. 

Main benefits:

  • 24/7/365: Automated voice control system service and supplementary Call Center support in case the automated service is unable to process the request
  • 2nd level support 24/7/365
  • Great Volume of Calls, Zero waiting time
  • Web-based application through which health units can manage their appointments
  • Remote, internet-based appointment management (
  • Reminders and confirmation requests, plus automated call or email notifications in case an appointment needs to be canceled
  • Group notifications via text messages and automated calls for canceling/postponing appointments
  • Integration to the health unit’s information system
  • Numerous statistics and reports for various uses
Special Projects
Based on the specialized needs of each hospital/medical centre, we offer custom-designed advanced technological solutions that meet exacting demands for improved hospital services and better out-patient & in-patient service, always with reduced operating costs in mind.
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