Solutions for Hospitals

Solutions for Hospitals

Upgrading services and health systems
Within the framework of development of modern ICT services (Information & Communication Technologies) for key areas of entrepreneurship, we offer digital solutions of added value in the sensitive field of healthcare, in order to ensure the efficient operation of hospital units, but also to improve the level of service the hospitalized receive. 

Adaptation of such solutions, contributes to the improvement of health services and ensures:

  • Direct and easy access to medical / nursing staff in any medical information you need, anytime, anywhere
  • Improving efficiency in intra-hospital communications
  • Immediate reduction in operating and telecommunication costs of the medical unit
  • Better asset management for  hospitals
  • Increase productivity of the medical, nursing and administrative staff and facilitate their work
  • Maximize patient satisfaction and reduce waiting time and hospitalization
Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


Integrated digital services and systems

Connected Hospital offers: 

  • Value Added Services for patient and escorts, upgrading care quality.
  • Advanced services to the medical and nursing staff for better manage resources whilst ensuring better communication with immediate measurable results.
  • Interconnection and Access to Information, multiple applications - shared Infrastructure.
  • Reduction of waiting time for the provision of health services and reduction of time spend.
  • Contribution to avoid equipment reduction due to misplacement, loss or poor maintenance of the medical equipment.
Connected Hospital Solution Components:
  • Wi Fi:The Wireless data transmission system is the basic layer through which following systems and services can be served:
    • IP Telephony / Unified Communications (voice and data).
    • Real Time Location System technology with RFID Tags for tracking the assets of the hospital.
    • GP's mobile visits
    • Free Ιnternet access for patients and escorts.
  • Unified Communication: Offers superior wireless Voice over IP, where and when needed so as to provide ubiquitous wireless access to medical staff and patients. It reduces hospital costs and  provides operation efficiency while enhancing  the system with existing HIS.
  • Asset Management & Tracking: Management of medical equipment and materials using continuous information that allows you to see availability and location. Through RFID tags you have the ability to control and maintain  assets of the medical unit as well as receiving notifications when changes like temperature  or pressure  occur in sensitive medical equipment.
  • Bedside terminals: Bedside terminal systems that offer services (infotainment - entertainment) for the patient as well as access to internal systems of the medical care unit useful  for the doctor.
Remote Solution for medical exams and diagnosis, which is accomplished with specialized diagnostic tools and medical applications. It offers cost reduction because it reduces patient visits to clinics. In cases of emergency or chronically ill, the patient doesn't need to visit the hospital or  medical unit because he can send  the doctor all the necessary information and get his instructions. Moreover, with telemedicine one can organize seminars or send - information remotely all over the country.

Remote Communication System with full optical (high-definition) and audio coverage. Reduces  the unnecessary visits to patients or labs of health staff, saving cost and time.
The system supports additional useful and innovative applications such as support of mentally diseased patients which contributes to the reduction of hospitalization time and enhance the quality of life of the patient.

Hospital Information System
HIS - HISmobile. Main centralised system offering direct access to medical information via fixed and mobile devices (tablets - smartphones) with the possibility of multiple connectivity within and outside clinics or hospitals. Provides secure access to patient records, medical exams, accounting or administrative  documents  between collaborating hospitals and central health facilities.

Access and management of various image exams (i.e. x-rays) compatible with the latest medical standards (DICOM - HL7). Collects all the information from multiple image examinations systems at a central working directory with optimal performance and reliability. User friendly, with top security and potential for expansion,  it can store large amounts of information. There are various filling options and multiple storage facilities and interconnection with other systems such as RIS, EMR, HR etc.

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