Reducing the operating costs of a company is a key priority to its sustainability whereas control, and thus reduction of energy consumption are key factors for success. OTE Group, is adopting Internet of Things (ΙοΤ) technologies, in collaboration with Assetcom, a company specialized in the development of energy management systems, offers the Energy Management service, which is a monitoring system of your company's energy consumption in real time that enables remote intervention.

The IoT service is a combination of smart meters, switches and sensors, and along with the appropriate software, can identify the source of electricity consumption in your business. This way you can control consumption from the main to the last outlet, while at the same time you will also be able to intervene urgently or upon schedule and reduce the energy footprint of carbon dioxide (CO2) of your business, therefore actively participating in the protection of environment.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A


By installing the eight equipment of the Energy Management service, at your facilities, you have access to the following abilities:

Consumption Measurement

  • Recording of the total energy consumption or of individual devices, used in your business
  • Storage of measurement data to a central computer system
  • Remote activation / deactivation
  • Scheduling operationg mode
  • Set maximum consumption limit
  • Remote access though Web or mobile application  
  • Energy consumption information 
  • Data Report with graphs (total and consumption per appliance) 
  • Cost reports electric consumption / energy savings and comparison of spending  
  • SMS alerts for predefined events  (e.g. exceeding consumption limits)
  • Ability to enter previous consumption data
  • Energy saving tips and best practice for the service through portal 

How to get it