Domain Names

Domain Names

Register your Domain Name, in a safe and affordable way!
OTE Group offers your business the option to acquire a Domain Name in «.gr» or «.ελ», reliably and directly, both in Greek and Latin characters and assumes, as an official registrar of domain names ending in «.gr» or «.ελ», to register it in a safe and affordable way.

.ελ is here, the exclusively Greek domain name to match your old or new Domain!
Now Domain names with .ελ ending are available for everyone interested, without any restrictions. Waste no time, get it now!

Upon registration of your Domain Name you have the option, if a relevant desire is expressed, to get free DNS services and a park pagein case the company's website hasn't been completed yet.

Moreover, by purchasing or renewing COSMOTE Business Double Play services or COSMOTE Business ADSL, your business can obtain or renew the Domain Name, "gr" or ".ελ" or "eu", for FREE!

The possible endings for the «.gr» Domain Names today,are:
  • your, available to all interested parties
  • ,available only to those who are concerned with business activity
  •, available to service, Internet and Network providers ,available only to non-profit organizations
  • ,available only to educational insitutions, ,available only to government insitutions
Domain Names Services include Free Support  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In order to manage your Domain Name, please contact  Corporate Customer Service COSMOTE  at 13818 or send us your e-mail at

Note that the time priority of submitted applications concerning registration to Domain Names is ensured only when the applications have been registered via the Registry and not via submission to the Registrar.

As a Registrar, OTE Group communicates with the Registry via the EPP protocol provided by ITE (language based on xml).The time period between the submission of the application to OTE Group until its transmission to the Registration Office and itsofficial registration is estimated to be one working day.

If you want to learn more about the Terms of Service click or by clicking here (available only in Greek).

For more information on current legislation concerning domain names ending in «.gr» or any additional information please contact the site of  NRA.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.

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