Domain Names

Domain Names

New lower prices for your business to get its own name on the internet!

With the Domain Names service, you can purchase the name that will be your company’s e-mail address with the “.gr” or “.ελ” or “.eu” ending.
COSMΟΤΕ Business Double Play or COSMOTE Business ADSL customers in particular, can obtain their domain name using the code they received by text message when purchasing Business Double Play /COSMOTE Business ADSL.

The service is provided by OTE S.A.

How do I get it?

See here if the domain name you are interested in is available and follow the steps for online purchase.

More benefits

  • Free DNS and temporary page (park page) services
  • Free domain name transfer to COSMOTE


Registration/Renewal of A Domain Name with the «.gr»/«.eu»/ «.ελ» ending(Years/Prices)
 «.gr»  «.eu»  «.ελ»
2 years 1 year 2 years
24,80€ 7,44€ 19,84€

All prices include VAT 24%.

The possible endings for the «.gr» Domain Names today, are:

  • your, available to all interested parties
  • ,available only to those who are concerned with business activity
  •, available to service, Internet and Network providers ,available only to non-profit organizations
  • ,available only to educational insitutions, ,available only to government insitutions

Domains «.gr»
Domains «.eu»
Domains «.ελ» 
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