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COSMOTE Business e-Secure

The increasing use of Internet in the business world has created correspondingly increased security needs.

In partnership with F-Secure, the global leader in providing security software, we created COSMOTE Business e-Secure service, which can fully meet the needs of your business for security, in a manageable and economic manner.

Nowadays  businesses are relying even more on mobile devices. COSMOTE Business e-Secure covers all the safety and security needs of the mobile devices (Android & iOS, smartphones & tablets) of your company. In addition, COSMOTE Business e-Secure offers complete management of those devices.

Ensure the safety of your mobile devices:

  • Anti-virus App Security in order to be sure that your applications are virus free.
  • Anti-malware & Web Security in order to be protected against malicious websites and software.
  • Anti-tracking & VPN for selective encryption of all data traffic, either for safety reasons (unencrypted WiFi) or just for avoiding tracking.
Moreover, manage your mobile devices with the following features:
  • Mobile devices locking policy
  • Locate lost devices
  • Lost devices remote data wipe
  • Company devices status report
COSMOTE Business e-Secure service is a host based solution for protection of computer systems and includes:
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall
  • Browsing protection
for Workstations, File Servers and Email Servers.

The portal of COSMOTE Business e-Secure service, offers your business the option to manage and obtain reports concerning the service, easily via your computer.

You can combine COSMOTE, Business e-Secure service with COSMOTE Business Double Play, COSMOTE Business ADSL and with COSMOTE Business Telephony programs in order to fully cover all your business needs.

Last but not least, COSMOTE Business e-Secure will help your business better meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The service gives you remote access to your devices and ensures maximum data protection.

Application - COSMOTE Business e-Secure (Available only in Greek)

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


The aim of COSMOTE Business e-Secure service is to identify and minimize all internet related risks and offer you an environment where communication via the Internet and your data are safe.

One key feature of COSMOTE Business e-Secure is the fact that it offers centralized management. This means that every customer will be given a key - license to manage all protected computers from any place

Mobile Devices

  • iOS & Android compatibility
  • Mobile devices administration
    • Apply mobile devices security policy according to your business needs:
      • User profile rights
      • Device locking automation
      • Passcode policy
      • Locking devices rule
      • Privacy and  data wipe policy
      • Locate lost devices
      • Lost devices data remotely erasing
  • Anti-virus & Anti-malware
    • Locate and remove infected Apps
    • Block malicious code attacks
  • Safe Browsing & Tracking
    • Block dangerous web sites
    • Block Tracking Cookies
  • Personal VPN
    • Whenever you consider that a network is not trusted and you want to encrypt your traffic or whenever you are in unencrypted WiFi, activate VPN.
    • Choose your traffic to be routed via 11 different countries of the world in order to avoid IP tracking and other location based tracking systems.
Windows, Workstations και Servers
COSMOTE Business e-Secure service includes Anti-virus and Anti-spy ware, Anti-spam, Firewall and Browsing protection services.

The above mentioned services included in COSMOTE Business e-Secure offer the following features and protection:
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spy ware
    • Identifies and cleans up any virus, worm, Trojan and spyware from computers in real time.
    • Offers complete protection to the personal computer and has the ability to scan zipped files, CD / DVD-ROMs, floppy disks, USB memory sticks, Internet downloads, Downloads from P2P applications, E-mails containing "password protected" ZIP files, Old files infected with viruses and encrypted e-mails.
    • Automatic updates and upgrades.
    • Easy to use user friendly environment and centralized 'console' management.
    • Offers a choice of different levels of protection for each computer.
    • Offers pre-defined security profiles.
  • Firewall
    • Continuous monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic.
    • Real-time analysis of spurious traffic.
    • Automatically save and investigate threats.
    • Fully customized policies for protecting each computer.
    • Offers pre-defined security policies.
  • Anti-spam
    • Filter incoming e-mails to identify spam.
    • Define the types of messages that are annoying.
    • Adjust the level of filtering.
    • Option to save spam e-mails in separate folders or delete them.
    • Creating a list of trusted senders.
    • Automatic updates and upgrades.
  • Browsing protection
    • Filter and block websites with inappropriate content.
    • Content filtering in real time based on predefined topic categories.

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