Audio Conference

Audio Conference

COSMOTE Audio Conference satisfies your need for daily communication with your distant business partners or customers.

Communication between users of the service is performed without the need for travels and relocation’s related expenses, thereby achieving promptness on information exchange and decision making. Activation of the service is easy, fast and cost-effective.

Overall, your business can achieve a two-way phone connection of 3 and up to 240 points simultaneously, by calling any telephone number, fixed or mobile, in Greece and worldwide.

Take advantage of COSMOTE Audio Conference and experience the immediate benefits to your business by eliminating borders and distances. 

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.

Packages & Features

The service addresses any company that wishes to conduct meetings with remote colleagues instantly and affordably.
You only need to provide us with your conference data: date, time and number of participants and, you can choose between the following Audio conference types:

  • Dial-In: All the participants are dialing to a specific number (with optional access code) to join the Conference
  • Dial-Out: The Conference Call initiator communicate the list of participants to COSMOTE Audio Conference Dept. The Audio Conference Platform dials out inviting instantly all the participants scheduled to the Conference Call.
  • Dial-In / Dial-Out (combined): a number of participants join the conference with the Dial In- method, while other participants receive the invitation's call automatically from the platform (Dial-Out)

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