Now, with COSMOTE NewSite4U, your business will be online!

COSMOTE NewSite4U is the ideal choice for every professional who wishes to create a website for his business. Building your website is now in the hands of the experts. Get your own site for your business and watch it evolve electronically as well. Get all the info you need regarding the benefits offered by COSMOTE NewSite4U and we will take care of all the rest, affordably, reliably and fast!


Experienced Web Designers
We have experienced Web Designers, who know the latest trends and can take your business’ website to the next level.
Modern Design
We can make your website stand out by using the appropriate templates and by adjusting them to every screen type. Moreover, we provide the required safety certificates and we make sure that your website ranks highly in search engines (SEO).
Clear Pricing Policy
COSMOTE NewSite4U comes WITHOUT hidden charges, WITHOUT time-based charging, WITHOUT time limit for obligatory commitment, WITHOUT recurring monthly fees!
Build your web site via the service COSMOTE NewSite4U by calling 210 6333890 or by clicking here.
Services Price Description
Build a Website once-off charge 349.00 € Build a website using specific templates.


The service is provided by OΤΕ S.A.