A modern business needs automated flow in day-to-day work, a better overview in processes as well as bigger efficiency. An answer to this requirement is given by the Soft1 ERP applications.

COSMOTE is now giving you the chance for a FREE trial of the Soft1 ERP applications for a period of two months!
Soft1 SmartWorks: Specialized solutions for automating processes for a small business.
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Service Description
Soft1 SmartWorks has been designed specifically for fast-growing small to medium sized commercial enterprises. The solution enables companies to automate their core business processes and improve their overall performance. Now COSMOTE offers Soft1 SmartWorks also for a 2 months FREE TRIAL period.

Soft1 Smart Works incorporates in a single cloud application everything your business needs. It offers your company a complete set of tools that assist you to streamline business processes and enhance operational and management control. The solution allows you to automate your business and experience reduced operational costs and enhanced productivity. Requiring nothing more than an internet connection and web browser, it ensures safe and reliable access to business data from anywhere and any enabled device, anytime you need them. Featuring functionalities such as Purchases, Sales, Inventory Management, Customers, Suppliers, Reporting and Analytics, Soft1 Smart Works delivers greater business value to your company, assisting you to seize new market opportunities. Moreover, the solution is remarkably easy-to-use and doesn’t require specialized skill set.

Last but not least, the solution is offered to your company at a premium price and its charge is made through the COSMOTE fixed services bill which means no need for initial investment by your company.
This service is provided by OTE S.A.
Sales - Sales Orders
Core module which combines Stock Management and Trading Parties, in order to perform everyday Business for Sales Transactions and Sales Orders. Its fundamental functionality may be used in: Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Shipments, Warehouse Transactions, Sales Transactions, Returns of Merchandise, Credit Notes, and Reversals etc.

E- Invoicing
This module can be combined with the e-invoice SoftOne service, provides you the ability to e-invoice and e-archive your company's trade documents.

Trading Parties: Customers – Suppliers
These entities are used for keeping the Master Entity Data and also to participate in all trading party transactions like sales, purchases, payments, Expenditures & Special Debit / Credit Transactions etc.

Receivables & Payables
This module is used together with Trading Parties. In essence, it manages your Company's cash accounts but as a rule it is enriched with the Cheques/Notes module and/ or Credit Cards.

Stock Management
This is a very powerful module which can operate as a stand-alone application. It gives you the ability to monitor your company's inventory, to track and record stock transactions and to provide on line info on stock balance. As a result, it helps you reduce inventory costs with overall inventory control and real-time warehouse and inventory reporting.

Purchases & Purchase Orders
Purchase orders is combined to Stock Management and Suppliers in order to manage everyday business for Purchases and Purchase Orders. It is used for Suppliers quotes, purchase orders, shipments, receipts of goods, purchases, return of goods, credit notes, reversals etc.

Project management
This module includes Project master data. It can be used to manage your relevant income and expenses transactions per project.

VAT Reports
Auxiliary reports monitoring your company's VAT obligations deriving data from income and expenses transactions.
Soft1 SmartWorks can help your business operate more efficiently, providing full automation and control, in real time for all your business processes. With easy and secure access from anywhere, through a web browser, and full configuration, Soft1 SmartWorks offers:
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.>
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Low initial investment (Pay as you go model).
  • Maximum data security and instant recovery.
  • Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Ease of use.
  • Better and more reliable decision making.
Available Additional Service Packages
Available Additional Service Packages
Package Price with VAT
Soft1 Training (per hour) 18,60 €
  • License for a single-user application.
  • Soft1 Training (per hour): education services per hour on the products Softone with Single Charge
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