Kir-Yianni winery

Kir-Yianni winery:
The wine route becomes smarter!
Τhe need
Ensuring the quality of wine was COSMOTE’ s intention when implementing the pilot application “Smart Wine” application at Kir-Yianni winery in Naoussa. The application, utilizing the innovative Narrow-Band Internet technology of Things (NB-IoT), ensures the quality conditions of wine, step by step, until the product reaches the consumers.
The solutions
“Smart Wine” application allows the monitoring of the conditions throughout wine's route, from the producer to the distributor and the consumer.

More precisely:
  • Special sensors record in real time the temperature, humidity and brightness at Kir-Yianni winery, as well as the conditions of the distributor's warehouse in Thessaloniki and at a restaurant in the city center. Moreover, sensors are installed to monitor product's transport as well.
  • All data are collected via the NB-IoT COSMOTE network into a special application, where they are analyzed, permitting the businessman to control and ensure the quality of the product throughout its way to the consumer.
  • This cloud application is remotely accessible at anytime from anywhere.
The application is based on the ISTMOS solution of the Greek ASN company, and is implemented within the WARP-NBIoT initiative of the Deutsche Telekom hub:raum.

The benefits
‘‘Smart Wine'' application offers:
  • Control of the conditions of wine’s route (temperature, humidity, brightness) in real time and form anywhere
  • Ensure wine quality throughout its route: from the producer to the distributer and the consumer.
Especially through NB-IoT technology, the interconnection of devices such as sensors, etc. is easier, safer and more cost-effective, as no specialized equipment is required. Mobile NB-IOT network enables data transmission offering:
  • better indoor coverage,
  • lower power consumption which increases devices' battery life up to 10 years,
  • increased data traffic security as well as low cost of usage.