Coca-Cola HBC
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The need
Coca-Cola HBC awarded the project of redesigning and upgrading the IT infrastructure that supports the SAP Business Warehouse application, to the OTE Group. This project follows the earlier investment in the state-of-the-art Data Center created by the OTE Group, bringing total investments to €48 million.
The solutions
Data interaction : The SAP HANA environment supports the operation of the SAP Business Warehouse application, allowing for interaction between the stored and real-time data of all of the company’s operating units. 
Reports : The interaction of the data of all the operating units speeds up retrieval and combination of this data, enabling faster exporting of reports.
The benefits
Upgrading of IT infrastructure : The OTE Group upgraded the IT infrastructure at the Coca-Cola HBC Data Center to enable installation and operation of the SAP HANA environment there. This project was one of the largest SAP HANA installations in Europe and included the smooth transfer from the older SAP BWA.

Support of the enterprise’s activities outside of Greece : The project was implemented and delivered by the OTE Group with complete success and within the timetable (4 months). Coca-Cola HBC’s operations in 28 countries are now supported from Greece. Operation, management and technical support of the project will be carried out by the OTE Group for 5 years.
They stated
Mr Galip Onar, Enterprise Operations Director of Coca-Cola HBC

“Coca-Cola HBC has carried out yet another investment in Greece for a complex ICT project that will contribute significantly to the optimization of internal processes and to the development of a faster and more flexible reporting model. This investment proves that Coca-Cola HBC constantly adopts innovative technology and furthers the country’s prospects.”