Fire Service
Fire Service Digital Technologies
Fire Service
Using digital technology to deal with fires
Business need
Preventing and dealing with fires in time is imperative. The OTE Group, in partnership with Byte and Satways, on behalf of the Fire Service and the Society of Information SA (KtP AE) as the contracting authority, has implemented a high specification IT project that is expected to contribute significantly towards that goal.
The solutions
Geographic data
The system is designed to collect and analyze the geographic data it receives from the units in vehicles, on foot, and even from unmanned drones.
Unit data access
The units of the Fire Service have access at any given moment, via smartphones, tablets, and PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices), to crucial data regarding fires under way and the assets that are closest to the outbreak of the fire, in order to better coordinate the efforts to extinguish it.
Public notification system
A new notification system, so that citizens can receive updates from a new internet portal, and notifications and instructions via SMS or emails, during and after a fire.
The benefits
Better unit coordination
With the installation of the advanced IT systems at its Operations Centre, the Fire Service has the opportunity to better coordinate its units before and after an incident has been identified.
Citizen notification
At the same time, through the use of digital technology, the Fire Service can provide immediate and continuous updates to citizens during emergencies.
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