Fire Service

Fire Service:
Fighting fires with digital technology
The need
Α high-standard IT project that will contribute significantly in preventing and fighting fires was implemented by the alliance formed by OTE, Byte and Satways, on behalf of the Fire Service and the Information Society S.A.
The solutions
The project has been designed to collect and analyze geographic data received from the Fire Service vehicles and corps, as well as from unmanned air vehicles (drones). In this way, the Fire Service units can access at any time via smartphones, tablets and PND (Personal Navigation Device) crucial information about on-going fires and about the means available near the seat of fire in order to better coordinate the extinguishing.

Besides, the project provides the Fire Service with a new public information system which allows the citizens to get informed via a new online portal, and receive SMS or e-mails with notifications and directions, before, during or after a fire.
The benefits
By installing advanced IT systems in its Operations Center, the Fire Service will be enabled to coordinate the fire units before and after an event and at the same time provide immediate and constant updates to the public in cases of emergency.