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Remote Work for 10.000 Civil Servants
Contributing to the safety of Civil servants and the seamless operation of critical Public services during this difficult period, the OTE Group, as the contractor of the SYZEFXIS project, gave the employees of public agencies connected to SYZEFXIS the opportunity to work from home. The project was implemented for the General Secretariat of Information Systems for Public Administration (GSISPA) of the Ministry of Digital Governance and Information Society SA (KtP AE). The OTE Group will provide the service free of charge for the next 3 months, allowing up to 10,000 civil servants to connect, via VPN, from home, directly to their office computer, and to have secure access to their service’s online applications.
Paperless prescription
The OTE Group, in cooperation with the BYTE company, moved ahead with the implementation of the paperless prescription project, on behalf of the Ministries of Digital Governance and Health. Through this application, which is available at, citizens can now quickly and simply receive their medical prescriptions on their mobile phones, without having to print them out and submit them to their pharmacist. In this framework, the OTE Group has provided free of charge to e-Government Center for Social Security Services (IDIKA) SA, all the SMS required for April, for the operation of paperless prescriptions.
Electronic Management & Digital Signing of Acts of Legislative Content for the Cabinet
Utilising the Central System for Electronic Exchange of Documents being implemented for the Ministry of Digital Governance, the OTE Group created the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the digital signature application for acts of legislative content for the Cabinet. At the same time, it is expediting the process of sharing the 150,000 digital signatures for Public sector officials, in coordination with the Ministry.
National COVID-19 Patient Registry
The OTE Group, in collaboration with BYTE, implemented the National COVID-19 Patient Registry. With this, the new information system, implemented in the framework of the State's measures to deal with the pandemic, enables the collection of all necessary medical data, making them available to health care providers for the effective provision of health services to patients, prevention. the spread of the disease and the defense of public health.
10306: Psychological Support Line
For the development of the psychological support line for citizens in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic from the Ministry of Health and the 1st Psychiatric Clinic of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the OTE Group provided the “10306” dedicated line free of charge, and moved ahead with special implementation for the management and routing of calls to up to 100 remote mental health specialists at the same time.
Free access via mobile networks to digital platforms for distance learnings in schools
Furthermore, from 8 April, there will be free access, with no data charging (zerocharging) from mobile networks, to the digital platforms being used by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs for distance learning at schools.
Free SMS for 3 months to the Health Operations Centre (KEPY) of the Emergency Aid Centre (EKAV)
The OTE Group has provided free text messages for 3 months to the Health Operations Centre (KEPY) of the Emergency Aid Centre (EKAV), as all the hospitals in Greece are sending data via SMS to the administrations of the 133 Health Schemes in Greece, ensuring timely and reliable updates to the political leadership.
They stated
Mr Grigoris Christopoulos, OTE Group’s Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment

“In these difficult times, technology can be a valuable ally in the battle against the Coronavirus. We are proud to be implementing technology projects that facilitate the Government’s work in dealing with COVID-19. Congratulations to the people of the OTE Group, who have been working intensively to successfully complete very demanding projects within a short period of time. As a Group, we will continue to contribute with all our powers, so that we can emerge victorious from this adventure. Until then, from home, better for all”