Papageorgiou General Hospital
Papageorgiou General Hospital The hospital of tomorrow comes today!
Papageorgiou General Hospital
ICT infrastructure helps creating the hospital of tomorrow, today!
The need
Papageorgiou General Hospital needed to create a digital operating environment and automate certain tasks of its medical, nursing and administrative staff, giving them access to information anywhere, anytime. Access that had to be direct, easy and secure. 

Doctors in particular needed to be provided with specially designed applications that would enable them to check and cross-check key data directly and remotely.
The solutions
Installation of wireless networks
Wireless networks were installed to provide hospital personnel with access (via tablet or smartphone) to the hospital’s IT systems, patient medical records, medical tests and other data, anywhere and anytime. The wireless networks also provide free internet access for patients and their escorts.
Call center upgrade
The existing call center was upgraded and expanded with a new IP call center. This provides communication and notification options, such as the system for notification of hospital personnel by patients, which allows for wireless two-way patient-staff communication whenever necessary.
Bedside Terminals
Bedside terminals were placed by every bed. These devices provide entertainment, information and support for patients and their escorts, and they are also a tool for the hospital’s nursing, medical and administrative staff, providing access to the hospital’s internal systems.
Tracking of important assets
A Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) service was installed to track important hospital assets, enabling real-time tracking.
The benefits
Direct access to information
Medical and nursing staff have direct and easy access (via smartphone or tablet) to all medical information – anywhere, anytime.
Improved intra-hospital communication and, by extension, hospital operation.
Reduced costs and improved equipment management
Reduced operating and telecommunications costs and better management of hospital assets located throughout the hospital.
Greater patient satisfaction
Patient are more satisfied with the public health services provided and with the reduced waiting and hospitalization times.
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