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A doctor nowadays wants to communicate with his patients more effectively as well as manage their medical records, access them from all his devices better and more safely. For him or her, MyHealthAngels, the new health platform is now being provided.

COSMOTE is now offering a two months’ FREE TRIAL of the MyHealthAngels service!
Keep and manage your patients’ medical records via the Clinical Health Record (CHR).
Give your patient the chance to keep all his/her medical data concentrated in one Personal Health Record (PHR).
Exchange all kinds of medical data with your patients, immediately and safely.
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Service Description
MyHealthAngels is an Innovative Service in the health sector, available as SaaS (Software as a Service) model, providing features and functions both for doctors and patients. MyHealthAngels, being with the international evolutions of digital health (e-Health) supporting the traditional organization of a clinic-polyclinic, as well as Health Prevention and Promotion. Now, the service offered by COSMOTE can also be activated for a 2 months FREE TRIAL period.

For you, the modern doctor, MyHealthAngels offers a very efficient way of organizing your business, by providing a fast and secure way to exchange information and medical data with your patients. Furthermore, the Service provides you the ability to have readily and at a glance, the overall overview of all the data of each patient, in order to facilitate the assessment and your diagnoses.

Additionally, MyHealthAngels provides you secure communication and collaboration with third parties such as diagnostic centers with which you work with, or other colleagues practitioners with whom you exchange medical opinions and assessments. This way, MyHealthAngels is a valuable and easy to use tool that allows you to have unified and centralized management of your partnerships with the various health providers but also with your colleagues.

MyHealthAngels is based on international medical standards and dictionaries, while the data exchange is done in most secure way. Thus, the medical data are protected both during transportation and storage with the use of high-security encryption.

The modern, innovative and reliable architecture ensures high availability, easy scalability and immediate Use.
The service is provided by OTE S.A.
In the most important features and capabilities of MyHealthAngels the following are included:
  • Clinical Health Record (CHR) for the management of the medical data of your patient, like drugs, exams etc.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) for the management of the personal medical data of your patient. A great new Service for your patients!
  • Connection to the Governmental e-prescription system (in Greece).
  • Digital Exchange of medical data between you and your patients.
  • Effective management of your Appointments and your Visits.
  • Flexible Physician Notes with printing capabilities.
  • Patient History management system.
  • Allergies management with auto-alert functionality.
  • Automatic notification to you (the doctor), regarding the laboratory results of your patients, with e-notification.
  • Administration of the Medical Procedures, with the ability to register any type of Medical Procedure. All type of Medical procedures are stored in the in the application and you only have to choose which type you want to register.
  • Management of the Lab Results.
  • Measurements management with all the basic measurements (such us height, weight, pulse, blood pressure etc.) available.
  • Management of the Diagnoses using ICD10 international encoding.
  • Management of the Medications list that was given to your patient based on the encoding of the National Agency of Medicines.
  • Management of the Referral Exams and capability to print them.
  • Management of all your Medical Documents and Files.
  • Patients list creation based on specific criteria (such us disease, age, sex etc.).
  • Full management of your clinic or Medical Organization with safety and flexibility through Internet, in all the devices.
  • Interact with your patients: It creates a new digital communication channel between you (the doctor) and the Patient, that creates and improves the doctor - patient relationship.
  • Connection with the Governmental e-prescription System. You (the doctor) prescribe only in one System!
  • Clinical Health Record (CHR). Complete and easy to use, for quick and effective for extraction of clinical conclusions about the past, the present and the future of your patients!
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) for your patients for the management of their personal medical data. Your patients do not need to carry any more with them, medical exam packages, or trying always having them in the right order (chronological or other), while the risk of loss or corrupted data is eliminated. A great new Service for your patient!
  • Ability to Update the Personal Health Record Data, directly from the Patient! This Service is extremely important because it gives the opportunity to Patients with chronic diseases (diabetes , arterial hypertension etc.) to register themselves directly the taken measurements (blood glucose, blood pressure etc.), thus preserving and keep tracking.
  • Automatic sending of the laboratory results to the patient.
  • The patients become "owners" of their health: They get informed automatically about issues regarding health and prevention that they choose.
Available Service Packages
Package Price with VAT
MyHealthAngels 24,80 €/month
MyHealthAngels extra package 20 PHR
(Personal Health Record)
11,16 €/month

Services Price with VAT
MyHealthAngels Training & Organization Services – On the customer’s premises 62,00 €/month
MyHealthAngels Training & Organization Services - Remotely 37,20 €/month
MyHealthAngels Special Initialization & support Services - On the customer’s premises 86,80 €/month
MyHealthAngels Special Initialization & support Services – Remotely 43,40 €/month

MyHealthAngels / per User:
  • User’s license for one doctor-user in the Clinical Health Record.
  • The first license includes the Secretary too.
  • 10 patient user licenses are also included regarding their Personal Health Record.
MyHealthAngels extra package 20 PHR (Personal Health Record):
  • Additional package of 20 patient user licenses regarding their Personal Health Record.
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