Mitsis Hotels Group

Mitsis Hotels Group
Smart digital management of business intelligence
The need
MITSIS HOTELS Group satisfied the need for smart digital management of all business intelligence through COSMOTE Business IT Solutions. Via a central Cloud platform, the concentration and management of data for the 17 hotels of the Group in a more effective, faster and safer manner, was the primary goals of the project, thus contributing significantly to better customer service and suppliers’ satisfaction, while reducing operational costs.
The solutions
COSMOTE, in cooperation with Your Ideas, customized the “Open Text Content Server Platform” to address the needs of MITSIS HOTELS Group. The infrastracture is provided by COSMOTE as a service without requiring equipment installation, thus achieving lower cost, greater flexibility and absolute safety.

The goal is the optimal management of data from transactions, vouchers and other documents from the reservations, logistics and accounting departments of all Group Hotels. Through this project, the employees of MITSIS HOTELS can now register and retrieve data at the push of a button, wherever they are, since they access a single platform that communicates with existing systems such as ERP, reservations etc.
The benefits
The digital “Open Text Content Server platform” utilizes metadata, enabling the analysis, processing and reporting of data in an easy and direct way. Therefore, it enables smart management of hotel units along with optimum understanding and satisfaction of modern traveler’s needs.

The integrated solution provided by COSMOTE to MITSIS HOTELS Group contributes significantly to maximizing employees' productivity and capabilities, reducing operational costs and making more effective use of information over strategic business decisions. Moreover, there is a positive impact for both the hotel guests’ experience and the suppliers, who can be served faster and with even greater credibility.