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Coca-Cola HBC ΙΤ Support Services
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Business need
Diagnosis, analysis, management and coordination of remote actions to serve and resolve issues in Coca-Cola HBC's corporate information systems in each of the 19 countries.
The solutions
Effective management of issues : The OTE Group provides IT Support Services to ensure effective management and resolution of issues in all of Coca-Cola HBC’s enterprise IT systems (Ordering, CRM, ERP, HR, etc.).

24-hour service : The services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for 5 years.

Coverage of a large number of employees and partners throughout the world : The IT Support Services are available to 26,000 Coca-Cola HBC employees and partners in 19 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Nigeria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and North Macedonia). On-site services are provided as well, in Greece, Cyprus and Holland.

Multilingual IT Service Desk : For the needs of the project, the OTE Group developed a combined multilingual IT Service Desk, capitalizing on the Contact Center-services expertise of its subsidiary COSMOTE e-value. Accordingly, two service centers, providing services in 15 languages, were created exclusively for Coca-Cola HBC’s needs.  
The benefits
Remote resolution of issues : The design of the project enables IT Support Services personnel – with the help of cutting-edge technology and automation – to manage, coordinate and resolve any issue in Coca-Cola HBC’s enterprise IT systems remotely, in all 19 countries.

Uninterrupted enterprise operations : The IT Support Services operate in such a way as to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.

Job creation : Through this service, the OTE Group created over 80 new jobs in the IT sector.
They stated
Mrs Giota Labropoulou, Group Business Solutions & Systems Manager for Coca-Cola HBC

“We are extremely proud to continue our successful strategic partnership with the OTE Group in Greece and the wider OTE Group, which ensures ICT support for 19 out of the 28 Coca-Cola HBC countries. Since 2015, our investments in ICT projects in Greece have reached €57 million, highlighting our continued commitment to providing high added value services and contributing to youth employment for talented young people in our country.”