INTERAMERICAN Information Security
Integrated solutions for secure exchange and storage of data.
The Need
INTERAMERICAN was looking for an integrated Information Security solution to cover the company’s overall needs for secure, high-quality and reliable exchange and storage of data.
The solutions
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
The specialized services were adopted to identify vulnerabilities to malicious threats. At the same time, INTERAMERICAN secured protection of its infrastructure from DDoS attacks through the use of the most advanced integrated protection solutions.
COSMOTE Managed Security Services
Through COSMOTE Managed Security Services, INTERAMERICAN achieved monitoring of crucial IT infrastructure for immediate notification in the event of an attack.
Security Operations Center
All COSMOTE Managed Security Services operations are provided by the OTE Group’s Security Operations Center (SOC), which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The data collected is monitored and analysed constantly to identify threats.
The benefits
Effective protection of infrastructure
INTERAMERICAN has secured effective protection of its infrastructure from the most advanced attacks by minimizing infrastructure and workforce costs.
Monitoring of IT systems
Monitoring of the company’s critical IT systems and notification regarding possible attacks is carried out by COSMOTE in real time and in the most direct and effective way.
Assessment of IT infrastructure security level
INTERAMERICAN can assess the security level of its IT infrastructure at any time. COSMOTE Managed Security Services enable timely detection and prevention of attacks that could have a serious impact on the company’s operations.
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