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Digital transformation through COSMOTE e-health solutions.
The Need
Opting for COSMOTE e-health solutions, the IASO Group dynamically embarked on its digital transformation. The goal was to provide faster and improved service to its customers and partners, while also reducing its operating costs.
The solutions
Record classification system
Patient medical records are digitized and classified to facilitate access by medical personnel.
Data filing & management system
Through COSMOTE e-health solutions, the IASO Group was able to create an integrated digital system for filing and managing documents.
Automated processing of digital invoices
In the context of digital transformation, COSMOTE e-health solutions helped the IASO Group move ahead to electronic issuing and management of invoices.
Secure data storage and maintenance
All data regarding the IASO Group and patients are now gathered and maintained on a data storage platform with cloud infrastructure (private, hybrid, public) capabilities.
The benefits
Faster search and retrieval of data
IASO Group personnel have direct access to the information they need. This is achieved through an integrated patient medical record, which incorporates data from different sources and can be directly accessed by numerous authorised users.
Reduced costs and streamlined operation
Through COSMOTE e-health solutions, the IASO Group minimized spending, time-consuming procedures and the need to store hard copies of files.
Improved service
IASO Group customers and partners receive better and more efficient service.
Data security
Among other things, the solutions provided by the OTE Group contributed to the integrity and security of stored data.
Healthcare Business Awards 2017

“The project for the digitization and filing of medical records and electronic invoicing for the IASO Group won a Bronze award at the Healthcare Business Awards 2017, in the Digital applications for healthcare-unit management/support category.”
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