IASO Group

Dynamic entry in the new digital era
The need
IASO Group has dynamically entered in the new digital era in order to offer faster customer service, upgrade its provided services to customers and partners and ensure reduction of its operational costs. To this end, COSMOTE e-health solutions were chosen.

More specifically, IASO Group needed to proceed to a digital transformation by digitizing its patients’ medical records, creating an integrated digital system for filing and managing documents, as well as electronic issuance and management of receipts.
The solutions
Powered by COSMOTE e-Health solutions, IASO Group has acquired:
  • A medical record classification system
  • A data filing and management system
  • Automated processing of digital receipts
  • Secure data storage and maintenance in a platform, upgradeable with cloud infrastructure (private, hybrid, public)
The benefits
With COSMOTE e-Health solutions, IASO Group can ensure:
  • faster search and retrieval of information through a single patient record, which includes data from different sources and can be directly accessed by multiple authorized users,
  • diminished operational costs and time-consuming procedures such as receipts, approvals, printings and dispatches of separate documents, as well as their storage in physical places,
  • improvement of service for customers and partners in terms of time and costs,
  • information integrity and security.
The project for the digitization and filing of medical records and electronic invoicing for IASO Group won a Bronze award at the Healthcare Business Awards 2017 in the category “Digital applications for the healthcare units management/support”. The Awards are held on an annual basis by Boussias Communications and Health Daily, and aim to highlight and reward optimal practices, innovative actions and growth initiatives throughout the Healthcare spectrum.