Fraport Greece

Fraport Greece:
Upgrading 14 airports with modern ICT solutions
The need
The upgrading of its 14 regional airports sought Fraport Greece aiming to assure uninterrupted and secure communication of airports, more efficient business operation and optimal passengers' service.
The solutions
Leveraging its experience in implementing robust ICT projects, OTE Group provided Fraport Group's 14 airports with state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications solutions, offering:
  • Data center services
    In the context of data center solution, a private cloud dedicated infrastructure in its data center was designed and installed by OTE Group. The service is provided as "Infrastructure as a Service", without the cost of investing in logistics equipment.

  • Interconnection, networking and IP telephony solutions
    For the needs of the airports interconnection regarding voice, image and data, as well as of their secure connection with the Data Center, a comprehensive solution was implemented through COSMOTE IP VPN service.

    To meet voice requirements , an IP telephony solution was designed to support more than 1,000 terminal devices, while call handling will be automated through a united call management platform.

    The need of wireless navigation to the corporate network and the web was satisfied with a Wi-Fi networking solution that was implemented at Fraport Greece's headquarters offering full coverage and high-speed access.

    For managing web attacks, a specialized security equipment was installed to provide integrated network protection, at a lower operational cost.

  • Private radio network and IP telephony
    A private radio network was created, in partnership with Motorola, operating in all 14 regional airport premises and Fraport's headquarters. It will be the main communication system in case of an emergency and will operate uninterruptedly.
OTE Group will also be responsible for the technical support of all provided solu-tions.
The benefits