Eurobank v-Banking
A major step in digital transformation through an innovative service!
The Need
Eurobank’s objective was to shift dynamically to the digital age in order to ensure more efficient operation of its banking units and to improve the level of the services it provides for its clients. Specifically, it was seeking advanced technology services that would enable its customers to carry out banking transactions securely from any location.
The solutions
The innovative v-Banking service, an advanced video conference platform being offered first to Eurobank’s business clients, capitalizes on COSMOTE’s specialised technology solutions. The service modernises banking transactions, focusing on entrepreneurs and enterprises. This meets enterprises’ needs while reducing operating costs and the time required to execute daily tasks.
Cisco platform
Installation of the Cisco platform for remote collaboration between the Bank and its clients. Every Eurobank customer now has access to expert advisors via a high-definition video call, without the need to visit one on the Bank’s branches.
The benefits
Custom services
Eurobank customers can now enjoy customised service in a secure digital environment.
Security and communication
Planning and implementation of innovative applications that ensure security and confidentiality of all communication.
Technical support
The project includes technical support for 5 years.
 "The v-Banking service is another significant step in Eurobank's digital transformation. Its implementation was based on the continuous adoption of innovative technological tools in modern banking and on the Bank's client-centric approach. v-Banking brings the Bank to businesses, truly modernising Eurobank's customer services for businesses, respecting their time and needs. The new service is part of the Bank's strategy for strengthening and substantially supporting Greek entrepreneurship via innovative tools that reflect today’s global technological trends.”
Iakovos Giannaklis General Manager of Retail Banking, Eurobank

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