Digital transformation with an innovative service
The need
Eurobank was intending a significant step towards its digital transformation, aiming to ensure operational efficiency in banking units, as well as, to upgrade the services provided to the customers of the bank.

Specifically, the bank sought for advanced technology services in order to offer its clients secure remote collaboration for their banking transactions.
The solutions
The solution was provided by the innovative v-Banking,service, based on COSMOTE specialized technology solutions. The service is an advanced form of teleconference, which Eurobank is the first to offer its business clients.

Eurobank's clients are now able to have personalized customer service, within a secure digital environment, from specialized counselors via high-resolution video calls, without the need of visiting a bank branch.

The project includes:
  • the installation of a Cisco platform for remote collaboration between the bank and its clients,
  • the design and implementation of innovative applications to enhance safety and credibility in communication;
  • technical support for the next 5 years.

The benefits
The innovative v-Banking service, unique in European level, modernizes banking transactions, giving priority to businessmen and businesses. Therefore, it enables addressing business needs, reducing operational costs, as well as, minimizing the implementation time of daily tasks.

The General Manager of Retail Banking at Eurobank Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis stated: "The v-Banking service is another significant step towards Eurobank's digital transformation, which is implemented due to the continuous adoption of innovative technological tools in modern banking and Bank's client-centric approach. V-Banking brings the Bank closer to businesses, thus, actually upgrading in the most modern way, Eurobank's customer services for businesses, with respect to their time and needs. The new service is incorporated in Bank's strategy for the enhancement and substantial support of Greek entrepreneurship, via innovative tools, which address modern technological trends internationally"..