National Telemedicine Network

National Telemedicine Network:
Health services in the Aegean islands
The need
Health services similar to those provided in urban centers are now available to the residents and visitors of some of the most remote islands of the Aegean via the "National Telemedicine Network" implemented by OTE Group. The new network includes 43 telemedicine units that interconnect health centers of the Aegean islands with central hospitals of Piraeus and the region.
The solutions
Each telemedicine unit consists of a specially designed booth equipped with a high-definition camera, screen and special medical instruments streaming live the indications of the medical tests.

The telemedicine booths allow: 
  • doctors and their patients on the islands to communicate with consulting doctors in hospitals in Athens, eliminating distances,
  • all indications from the medical tests to be available in real time to the specialized doctor-consultant,
  • tele-training of medical, nursing and administrative staff in real time.
The 43 telemedicine units developed by OTE Group on behalf of the 2nd Regional Healthcare Administration of Piraeus & the Aegean, with Cisco technology, have been installed in 30 health centers on the Aegean islands, in 12 regional and central hospitals and one in the operations center of the Ministry of Health. The islands covered by the telemedicine network are: Amorgos, Andros, Astypalea, Ikaria, Ios, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Kastellorizo, Kythira, Kos, Leros, Lemnos, Milos, Mykonos, Mytilene, Naxos, Nisyros, Oinousses, Paros, Patmos, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Sifnos, Symi, Syros, Tinos, Fournoi and Chios.
The benefits
The services for remote medical examinations and diagnoses, health care is provided to those who need it but have difficulty in accessing medical units. The remote islands of the network can now enjoy:
  • real-time health services,
  • limitation of unnecessary transportation by sea or air,
  • reduced transportation and hospitalization costs,
  • remote training or information on medical issues.