More effective service for patients via technology
The need
GRNET sought a solution for backup storage and long-term access to medical imaging tests (x-rays, tomography etc) in Greek hospitals. OTE Group gave the answer with the new Data Center implemented on its behalf.
The solutions
With the new Data Center, the medical imaging tests from 31 interconnected hospitals are now being permanently stored in cloud infrastructure. In this way:
  • Direct online access to the certified medical staff is ensured.
  • Storage problem is solved.
  • Important reduction in the operational costs of the hospitals, both in equipment and in consumable supplies, is achieved.
  • Medical imaging tests are available in every interconnected hospital via cloud, without the need for extra filing.
The new Data Center installed in a building provided by the University of Crete, is interconnected via optic fibers with 31 hospitals, in 8 regions across the country. The medical imaging tests of the interconnected hospitals are collected and stored automatically via a specialized archiving system for large scale imaging data (HARMONI). Access is allowed only to authorized medical and nursing staff via the local PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), thus ensuring the safety of the content over time.
The benefits
The new Data Center of GRNET ensured:
  • upgraded service of patients,
  • significant reduction of the operational costs of the hospitals,
  • strengthening the research community, since it allows controlled and anonymous access to large volumes of imaging data for the needs of medical research.
The Head of the GRNET and Professor at the National Technical University of Athens Panayiotis Tsanakas, stated:

"Our aim is to generate value and contribute to innovation by developing modern digital infrastructures, introducing sophisticated services and applications of national range, encouraging new models of co-operation among public organizations, the research community, citizens and businesses. The new project, that has been successfully and promptly implemented by OTE Group, incorporates all the aforementioned features thus proving multiple and long-term benefits for everyone".