GRNET Data Center
More effective services for patients, through technology.
The need
The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) was in search of a solution to the problem of backing up diagnostic imaging tests (x-rays, CT scans, etc.) and long-term access to them in Greek hospitals. The OTE Group provided the answer with its new Data Center, which it created on its behalf.
The solutions
PAC systems (PACS)
Through PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), direct online access to imaging examinations is ensured by certified medical and nursing staff. In this way, the security of their content is protected.
Automatic storage
Medical imaging diagnostic examinations are collected and stored automatically in the Data Center by interconnected hospitals. Thereby, they are always available via cloud infrastructure, with no need for patients to file them.
The new Data Center was installed in a building provided by the University of Crete and it is interconnected via fiber optics with 31 hospitals in 8 regions of Greece. Medical imaging diagnostic examinations from interconnected hospitals are collected and stored there automatically.
The benefits
More effective services
The Data Center provides patients with better and upgrades services.
Lowering expenses
A significant decrease to hospital operating expenses for equipment and consumables is achieved.
Strengthening the research community
Researchers’ work is facilitated, as controlled access becomes available to large volumes of imaging data for the needs of medical research.
“Our goal is to create value and contribute to the production of innovation through the development of modern digital infrastructure and the introduction of national range pioneering services and applications. We also aim to encourage new models of cooperation between public organisations, the research community, citizens, and businesses. The new project, successfully completed on time by the OTE Group, incorporates all of the above elements, producing multiple long-term benefits for all”.
Panagiotis Tsanakas President of GRNET and Professor at National Technical University of Athens
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