Plans COSMOTE Business Double Play
Business Double Play plans of COSMOTE are here with the largest fiber optic network
in Greece to give a new boost to your business!
COSMOTE Business Double Play offers more talk time to mobiles & international destinations and an unsurpassed internet experience with the largest optic fiber network in Greece! With superfast data transmission speeds up to 200Mbps you can download files in seconds, conduct video conference with your partners without any time delay, upload your files on Cloud fast and safely! Via the Fiber To The Home infrastructure, the optic fiber reaches your business in order to enjoy 100% guaranteed speed. Join the new digital era!
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COSMOTE Fiber has brought fast Internet to the city & to your neighborhood.
Now, for the first time, it brings 100% optical fiber to your business!
is in your city
COSMOTE, with an optic fiber network that exceeds 43.000 km and covers the entire country, reaches OTE’s Local Exchange and provides speeds up to 50Mbps via VDSL technology, under the condition that your business is located nearby.
is in your neighborhood
From OTE’s Local Exchanges, the optical fiber reaches the telecommunications cabinets (PCPs) that can be found all over the country. From there, it can reach your business via a VDSL connection, while, via Vectoring & Super Vectoring technologies, you can enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.
Now, COSMOTE Fiber
is in your business with 100% optical fiber
For the first time, the optical fiber comes from OTE’s Local Exchange directly into your office via the new technology Fiber To The Home. Therefore, you can enjoy all the advantages of a 100% fiber optic connection, namely guaranteed superfast speeds that in the future will reach 1Gbps!

See here if the FTTH infrastructure is available for your business.
See the procedure for installing the optical fiber
all the way to your business!
Building inspection
Building inspection OTE’s Engineer, upon agreement with you & the manager of the building, if your business is located in an office complex, visits the building and draws the study for the implementation of its optical infrastructure.
Estimated duration: 10 business days
Optical Infrastructure Construction
The authorized partner of OTE, upon agreement with the manager of the building, begins constructing the optical infrastructure of the building.
Estimated duration: 20 business days
Implementation of Business Interconnection
Implementation of Business Interconnection The same partner, upon agreement with you, proceeds to the installation of optical fiber in a fiber plug inside your business.
Estimated duration: 10 business days
Service Activation
Finally, ΟΤΕ’s Engineer comes to your business, installs the appropriate equipment and activates the service.
* The estimated durations are indicative and concern the tasks of COSMOTE partners.
Get acquainted with the new plans’ unique characteristics.
Unlimited Intracompany calls &
Free Talk Time
Talk without limitations with your colleagues, from business landlines to COSMOTE Business mobiles, and with your partners, without worrying about your bills, since you can take advantage of the additional talk time offered in our new plans.
Enjoy the services of a call center
in the most cost-effective manner
With COSMOTE Smart Office you can enjoy advanced call center services without the need for additional equipment. You can route calls, create personalized messages for your customers when they call you or when they are on hold, receive and send fax from your e-mail.
Dynamic Presence on the Ιnternet
You can have static ΙΡ, Domain Name and create a website for your business.
Manage and organize your business
e-mails from anywhere.
You have at your disposal 40GB of storage space in order to create up to 50 email accounts for your business employees. You can manage them centrally, via a portal, from anywhere!
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The only plans where you get a Real-Speed Guarantee!
Real Speed Guarantee
The largest fiber optic network in Greece is here, to offer to even more people speeds up to 200Mbps with Real Speed Guarantee.
For the first time, for speeds over 30 Mbps, you can know which will be the real speed of your connection before you purchase it, since expert representatives in our shops, at 13818 or in, will inform you on the real speeds – from lowest to highest-during the purchase of the plan.
If there is a difference between the speed of your router and the one we guaranteed to provide, then, you can contact us at 13818. We will do our best to improve your speed. If you are not satisfied, we will transfer you to the plan with the immediate lower speed, without any additional charge.
This applies to new and current plan subscribers with speeds of 30, 50, 100 & 200 Μbps, exclusively with use of appropriate COSMOTE equipment. The customer can be transferred to the commercially available plan with the immediate lower speed, without altering the talk time features of the initial plan. No disengagement fee is imposed for the initial plan.
Additional features for even lower costs COSMOTE Business One
COSMOTE Business One
Combine your fixed-line telephony plan with the mobiles of your business in order to achieve more benefits.
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1. What is the fiber optic network?
The fiber optic network is a cutting edge technology for Internet access. It allows data transfer at the speed of light, via cables with extra thin glass threads called optical fibers. This results in new, extraordinary speeds that in the future can reach up to 1Gbps!
2. What are the download and upload speeds in COSMOTE Fiber network?




Fiber (200Mbps)

200 Mbps

20 Mbps

Fiber (100Mbps)

100 Mbps

10 Mbps

Fiber (50Mbps)

50 Mbps

5 Mbps

Fiber (30Mbps)

30 Mbps

3 Mbps

3. How can I know if connection via Fiber To The Home infrastructure is available in my area?
COSMOTE Business Double Play Plans with Fiber To The Home infrastructure, namely with optical fiber that reaches directly into your house and business, are available in specific areas of the Municipalities of Palaio Faliro, Vyronas, Kaisariani and Kalamata, but are constantly expanding. You can check the availability in your address here.
4. What does 100% guaranteed speed mean?
The Fiber To The Home (FTTH) infrastructure consists of 100% optical fiber, namely the optical fiber reaches the plug of your house or business without the intervention of any other material, at it is common in cases where the optical fiber reaches the neighborhood cabinet (FTTC) or the Local Exchange of the area (FTTE). This guarantees that you enjoy ultimate speed performance without any loss or interruption.
5. How does speed of 100Mbps via Fiber To The Home infrastructure differs from speed of 100Μbps via other infrastructures?
The difference lies on the technological infrastructure which affects the real speed in which the router syncs. If the optical fiber reaches the neighborhood cabinet (FTTC) or the Local Exchange of the area (FTTE), we can guarantee the real speed that you will enjoy, from highest to lowest, during the purchase of the plan. In the event of a Fiber To The Home infrastructure, there is no intervention of copper, as it was common until today, and therefore there is no loss of the speed you enjoy.
6. When will connection via Fiber To The Home infrastructure be available in my area (now it is not)?)
The expansion of the Fiber To The Home network is a project that requires great effort, time and huge investments. Until 2022, we aim to bring the optical fiber to 1 million homes and businesses. In order to see the addresses that already have Fiber To The Home infrastructure, visit
7. What it Real Speed?
The real Internet access speed is the speed with which your router is connected to the COSMOTE Fiber network via the plug (sync speed). The sync speed depends on how far your house is from OTE’s Local Exchange or from the Telecommunications Cabinet of your neighborhood as well as on the quality of the cables of the network and of the building you live in. These factors are assessed and the suitable plan is suggested during your online order in, by calling 13818 or by visiting an OTE Shop.

This speed is the only one we can guarantee, since the speed that you ultimately enjoy via WiFi when you use your Smartphone, Tablet, console or laptop is affected by many exogenous parameters that are impossible to predict. For instance, the type and features of the device you use to connect, the construction and layout of your house or business, home appliances such as microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators that affect the Wi-Fi signal etc. These factors affect – sometimes more, sometimes less- the final speed on your device but, in any case, the most likely scenario is that it will be lower than the sync speed of your router.
8. How can I see the real Internet access speed I have at my business?
If you are a COSMOTE customer, you can:
Visit the router page ( from a device connected to your home network and click on “ Status Information”

If you are a new customer, you can:
  • Order Online here and then one of our representatives will call you to inform you of your real connection speed

  • Visit any ΟΤΕ Shop

  • Call 13818.

9. To which plans does “Real Speed Guarantee” apply?
It applies to all plans with speeds of 30Mbps and higher.
11. How can I check the sync speed of my COSMOTE Router and how different this speed is from the one I was guaranteed at the point of sale in the context of the “Real Speed Guarantee”?
If you have activated a COSMOTE Double Play plan, you can check your COSMOTE router and see your actual sync speed in two different ways:
  • Login to My COSMOTE from anywhere, select Landline and then click on “Check Speed”
  • Visit the router page from a device connected to your business network αand click on “Status Information”
If this speed is lower than the “Real Speed Guarantee”, contact a technician at 13818 to find out how to improve it.
12. Is the speed measured via any online measurement tool (f.i. ΟΟΚLΑ) different from the sync speed of the router?
Yes, it is different and usually equal to or lower than the sync speed.

Internet tools for measurement of connection speed (f.i. OOKLA) measure the speed with which your device (f.i. Tablet) accesses the Internet via wireless connection, whereas the sync speed of your router (real speed) is the result of a measurement carried out via the wired connection of your pc to the router (see more in question 9).

If the sync speed of your router is lower than the “Real Speed Guarantee”, contact a technician at 13818 to find out how to improve it.
13. I contacted 13818 but, unfortunately, due to the wiring in my business the technician was unable to improve my speed in order to meet the one I was promised at the point of sale in the context of the “Real Speed Guarantee”. What can I do?

You can contact directly COSMOTE@YourService for Business here, the service that provides high quality and specialized support so that a qualified technician will visit you and examine the particularities of your business space in order to come up with the optimal solution for improving your speed.

Alternatively, you can call 13818 (without charge from a COSMOTE Landline) and request information on the option to be included in the same plan of the immediate lower speed. For instance, if you have a COSMOTE Double Play 50 Full Pack Plan you can acquire the commercially available plan COSMOTE Double Play 30 Full Pack.

14. Do I need to change router in order to connect to the new high speeds?
If your router is not compatible with the speed of the selected plan, the point of sale will make sure you get a new, compatible COSMOTE router.
15. If I don’t connect my compatible COSMOTE router, will my sync speed be affected?
A compatible router is required in order to get the maximum possible speed of the plan you have selected. Therefore, if you don’t connect a compatible router, you will have lower sync speed. The point of sale or service will guide you properly for the compatible COSMOTE router.
COSMOTE Business Double Play Plans are provided by ΟΤΕ.