Enjoy speeds of 100 & 200Mbps,
with Fiber To The Home, infrastructure at a lower cost
via the Superfast Broadband action!
Superfast Broadband is an action of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media that subsidizes the Plans COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiberspeed 100 & 200Mbps with the technological infrastructure Fiber To The Home. This subsidy concerns the one-off connection cost of €48 and the monthly fee of the connection set at €13/month for 24 months.
At this moment, the infrastructure is available in specific areas of the Municipalities of Palaio Faliro, Vironas, Kaisariani, Marousi, Cholargos, Kalamaria Tessalonikis, Kalamata and Larissa but it is constantly expanding.

To see if you are eligible for the subsidy and get a voucher, go to http://www.sfbb.gr
New COSMOTE Business Double Play
Now with even lower rates and with the largest fiber optic network
in Greece that will give a new boost to your business!
COSMOTE Business Double Play offers more talk time to mobiles & international destinations, PBX services with a simple telephone device and an unsurpassed internet experience with the largest optic fiber network in Greece! With superfast data transmission speeds up to 200Mbps you can download files in seconds, conduct video conference with your partners without any time delay, upload your files on Cloud fast and safely! Via the Fiber To The Home infrastructure, the optic fiber reaches your business in order to enjoy 100% guaranteed speed.
Moreover, if you want your business to be always online, you can combine the program that suits you best with COSMOTE Internet Backup service, in order to have backup Internet access via COSMOTE Mobile Network, if needed.
Join the new digital era!
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COSMOTE Fiber has brought fast Internet to the city & to your neighborhood.
Now, for the first time, it brings 100% optical fiber to your business!
is in your city
COSMOTE, with an optic fiber network that exceeds 43.000 km and covers the entire country, reaches OTE’s Local Exchange and provides speeds up to 50Mbps via VDSL technology, under the condition that your business is located nearby.
is in your neighborhood
From OTE’s Local Exchanges, the optical fiber reaches the telecommunications cabinets (PCPs) that can be found all over the country. From there, it can reach your business via a VDSL connection, while, via Vectoring & Super Vectoring technologies, you can enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.
Now, COSMOTE Fiber
is in your business with 100% optical fiber
For the first time, the optical fiber comes from OTE’s Local Exchange directly into your office via the new technology Fiber To The Home. Therefore, you can enjoy all the advantages of a 100% fiber optic connection, namely guaranteed superfast speeds that in the future will reach 1Gbps!

See here if the FTTH infrastructure is available for your business.
See the procedure for installing the optical fiber
all the way to your business!
Building inspection
Building inspection OTE’s Engineer, upon agreement with you & the manager of the building, if your business is located in an office complex, visits the building and draws the study for the implementation of its optical infrastructure.
Estimated duration: 10 business days
Optical Infrastructure Construction
The authorized partner of OTE, upon agreement with the manager of the building, begins constructing the optical infrastructure of the building.
Estimated duration: 20 business days
Implementation of Business Interconnection
Implementation of Business Interconnection The same partner, upon agreement with you, proceeds to the installation of optical fiber in a fiber plug inside your business.
Estimated duration: 10 business days
Service Activation
Finally, ΟΤΕ’s Engineer comes to your business, installs the appropriate equipment and activates the service.
* The estimated durations are indicative and concern the tasks of COSMOTE partners.
Get acquainted with the new plans’ unique characteristics.
Unlimited Intracompany calls &
Free Talk Time
Talk without limitations with your colleagues, from business landlines to COSMOTE Business mobiles, and with your partners, without worrying about your bills, since you can take advantage of the additional talk time offered in our new plans.
Enjoy PBX services
With COSMOTE Smart Office you can also enjoy advanced pbx services without the need for additional equipment. You can route calls, create personalized messages for your customers when they call you or when they are on hold or even have IVR & Line Hunting services like all large corporations.
Dynamic Presence on the Ιnternet
You can have static ΙΡ, Domain Name and create a website for your business.
Manage and organize your business
e-mails from anywhere.
You have at your disposal 40GB of storage space in order to create up to 50 email accounts for your business employees. You can manage them centrally, via a portal, from anywhere!
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Additional features for even lower costs COSMOTE Business One
COSMOTE Business One
Combine your fixed-line telephony plan with the mobiles of your business in order to achieve more benefits.
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