Municipality of Agios Dimitrios

Municipality of Agios Dimitrios:
Energy Management has already become smart!
The need
The Municipal Authorities of Agios Dimitrios were seeing for a solution in order to monitor their energy consumption real-time and remotely. Specifically, they wanted to monitor, record and manage the electricity consumption in five municipal buildings.

To this end, they utilized the COSMOTE Energy Management service in order to reduce the municipal energy expenses and, at the same time, contribute to the protection of the environment and improvement of the quality of life of the residents.
The solutions
The COSMOTE Energy Management, solution, via a system of wireless meters – sensors and special software allows:
  • mapping the course of electricity consumption, from the main supply to the last socket,
  • measuring energy consumption at any time and interfering in its management from any location,
  • collecting and saving energy data in order to process and manage them via an electronic platform,
  • sending alerts, in the event of overconsumption.
The COSMOTE Energy Management service is provided in collaboration with Assetcom, a company developing energy management systems.
The benefits
With the COSMOTE Energy Management service, the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios managed to secure:
  • instant notification on energy consumption and detection of energy loss sources,
  • reduction of its operational expenses,
  • low initial investment cost,
  • “green’’ profile since the service actively contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).
Indicatively, after the installation of the system in five municipal buildings, the annual energy saving is estimated to approximately 66MWh and the reduction of CO2 emissions to approximately 55 tons.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, Mrs. Maria Androutsou, stated:

“One of the primary objectives of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios in the context of its sustainable development strategy is energy saving, in which the collaboration with COSMOTE has been helpful. Energy saving actions are a priority for us since by reducing consumption the expenses of the Municipality will also be reduced and there will be more funds available to invest in policies for social vulnerable groups.”

The implementation of this project was awarded at the Energy Mastering Awards, winning the Gold Award in the category "Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings". The Energy Mastering Awards reward every year the best practices for energy efficiency, energy saving and sustainability.