Democritus University

Democritus University of Thrace:
The first “smart university campus” in Greece using ΝΒΙοΤ technology
The need
The Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) constantly seeks to create a better world and with the innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology offered by COSMOTE it has managed to do so, at its university campus!

The first “smart university campus” was launched in Xanthi by COSMOTE, using the innovative technology of Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

It is a pilot project that utilizes the advantages of NBIoT technology via smart applications for air and water quality monitoring, as well as for lighting and gas oil management at the campus, thus responding to the University respective needs.
The solutions
In the context of the new pilot project for ΝΒ-ΙοΤ at the DUTH, the following smart solutions were implemented:
  • "Air Quality Monitoring", where a special sensor for air quality measurement was installed in order to measure real-time temperature, humidity, pressure, various gases and particles, as well as to enable optimal design and implementation of appropriate actions for the reduction of atmospheric pollution.
  • "Smart Fuel Tank Management", where a gas oil level meter has been installed to prevent over-consumption, fuel theft and valuation of invoices. This application is based on the solution provided by the Greek company Fuelics and is being implemented in cooperation with Ericsson.
  • "Water Quality Measurement", to help ensuring the quality of drinking water at the campus, and being implemented in collaboration with the Greek company Wings.
  • "Smart Lighting", which uses NB-IoT technology in order to help adapt lighting to different levels of intensity depending on the season and time of the day, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.
The pilot project was implemented with the contribution of the hub:raum incubator of Deutsche Telekom, while all solutions utilize the NB-IoT CSOMOTE network for data transfer and device communication.
The benefits
Via the NB-IoT technology, interconnection of devices such as sensors, cars, robots, etc. is easier and more cost effective, since no special equipment is required.

In this case, technology is significantly superior in quality and safety in comparison to other IoT technologies, since data transfer is achieved via a mobile telephony network, thus allowing better coverage indoors.

The DUTH's Professor Stavros Touloupidis stated.

“We welcome our collaboration with COSMOTE for the development of a “smart university campus” at the premises of the Democritus University of Thrace, as the beginning of a long-term and fruitful relationship. Here, in DUTH, we believe that the current collaboration strengthens our research profile and our leading presence in the region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, making our University one of the leading research organizations in Northern Greece"